Chase lost paperwork and delayed response not limited to loan modification

Here is a recent experience by someone dealing with an insurance claim due to a burst water heater.  The insurance company paid the check immediately, but Chase dragged its feed and caused all kinds of problems.

On December 24, 2009 the water heater in my home went. There was 40 gallons of water on the first floor of my home. Called the insurance, GECO, and they were great about getting people out to help us. The claim was settled and the check issued at the end of February 2010.

Then we had to send the check to Chase Loss Draft Dept. That is where the nightmare began, and still continues, over 8 months later. The first time the claim was sent in (FEDEX) they claimed to never have received them. Then when I got proof of delivery, they claimed to only have received some of the papers that were enclosed.

I faxed everything to them a few days later. We were told that in 3 to 5 days we would have our money.

With that we start looking at kitchens, since that is where the majority of the damage happened. Mold was found in the walls that seperate the utility room from the kitchen. Everything in the kitchen had to be ripped out down to the studs in the wall.

We went to Ikea to get the kitchen. This way we could stay within our small budget. Submitted the papers to Chase and they said, again it would take another week or so to get the funds. The money never came.  Called them again. They claimed to not have the papers, AGAIN!

This kept happening over and over again. They lose EVERYTHING! Finally, in July, YES JULY, there was some repair work that had to be done by our homeowner association. The town building inspector came to see what was done, and we were told that our child could not live with us because we did not have a functioning kitchen. (we had no sink) He was going to write us up and in 30 days would have to start paying fines, also CPS would be called.  Told Chase about what they had done to us and the fines that they would have to pay…SURPRISE! Within 3 days our check showed up.

How are they allowed to operate like this?

For those of you not familiar with how this works, your insurance company issues the check in the name of you and the bank that holds your mortgage.  That is why the homeowner had to forward the check to Chase to actually get their money.

I did a little research and this type of problem with the Chase Loss Draft Department is not uncommon, all you have to do is search on “Chase Loss Draft Department.”

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