WaMu is no help with fraud

Sherry writes:

“Lets start by saying “a friendlier way to bank” Bull-

Let me tell you a story of fraud, March 5 2008 I went to get gas and my debit card was declined? Began to panic called bank and there were pending charges in the amount of $794.00. I live in Las Vegas Nv and the charges were from Ca. I notified the 800 number and was advised that there was nothing I could do to stop the pending transaction I had to wait until the charges processed or dropped off, knowing that these were not my charges I worried all weekend until Monday morning, I went to my branch; were I was advised that they could not help me all they would do is give me a phone number to call the fraud department. Mind you I had already sent 2.5 hrs of phone time trying to reach someone in fraud who would help me. Mind you I an not a rich person just a single mother trying to survive. I spent 10 days with no access to my account, charges racking up daily, nasty overdraft notices still no resolve and no help for the people in charge of my money! Finally I am advised that the bank will graciously give me provisional credit for the fraud but wait: we have the right to reverse this credit. You have no control, no recourse no help from people who are unwilling to take care of their customer.

I have dealt with rude unprofessional banking people since this has begun back in March, now here it is almost July and guess what to add insult to injury now the bank will reverse the provisional credit because I did not respond in the 30 days they requested to a simple form. But I did respond the first time via mail the 2nd by fax, what a crappy way to conduct business, no once has the bank called me to see if all is well or if this was handled correctly. I have been trying to resolve this issue and still I am out $ 794.00 monies I do not have: my account is overdrawn, my life is in turmoil and all they can say is “thank you for banking with Wa-Mu”. My advise to all who bank with Wa Mu take you money and run they are not willing nor able to help in times of crisis, they have no idea how to protect the customer. Not one Phone call yet I have wasted days of my time. Now I am on my way to legal aid to see what help I can gather. I hope no one gets caught up in the Wa Mu way like I did Wa Mu sucks!!!

The story just never ends it has now July 16, my provisional credit has been reversed I cannot close my checking account because it is overdrawn. I have spent a total of 16 day’s that is if you count the hours, I have spent trying to get this issue resolved. This is a horrible experience for anyone to have to deal with it is like you are guilty and the bank has all the power- yet they did nothing to stop the fraud from happening! I still have yet to receive any phone contact initiated by any bank employee yet I have sat on hold for hours! Take your money and run to a real banking institution!”

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