Lies, lies, and more lies

Andie writes:

“Washington Mutual is by far the worst bank I’ve ever dealt with.

On Friday I deposited my check. They put a hold on it AGAIN. I got a letter stating that I could write checks or withdraw against the balance. So, I checked my account yesterday evening, and noticed I had 6 non-sufficient funds charges assessed! that’s $198!!! Unbelievable!! I called the to talk to someone, asked to speak to a supervisor, was transferred after 10 minutes of waiting. The Rep. I spoke to assured me that he would reverse ALL of the charges and that it was probably just the computer system updating too fast or some such nonsense answer. So, thinking that everything was alright, I took his word for truth and waited to check my account in the morning.

When I checked my account again, all 6 charges were still there. I called the customer service line again and was told that no notation was made stating the charges were going to be removed, and that they couldn’t do that. I was transferred to a supervisor again, and was told at most they could remove one or two charges, and then only if a manager approved it. I was blatantly lied to by the first supervisor, no doubt to pawn off the problem so he didn’t have to deal with me. I was polite the first time around, but I have become increasingly annoyed. Not only will I be charged 200 dollars for the NSF charges, but whatever checks that bounce because of this are going to incur fees as well. To top it off, I had just submitted the direct deposit form to my job, and that will be taking effect this pay period. So I can’t close my account, unless I pay the “outstanding fees” and unless I’m willing to wait another two weeks for my paycheck to be rerouted into a voucher.

I have only been with Washington Mutual for a year now, and this entire year has been full of unpleasant experiences, but this one by far takes the cake.”

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