When Chase forgets to send correspondence, customers suffer

We’ve documented lots of examples where Chase doesn’t bother informing customers of important things happening with their accounts, but this story has to be the worst.  After reading this entire story, I am struck how the root of the problem was that Chase didn’t adequately inform a customer who was doing their best to stay current on their loan, despite some hardships, of their true obligations.  It’s almost as if the people at Chase simply didn’t care what hassle and inconvenience their lackadaisical approach to banking causes people.

Financed a brand new Subaru Outback from Chase Auto Finance in September, 2005. Had to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in May, 2009, due to infant son’s medical and hospital bills. Payments were current at time of bankruptcy discharge. Did not reaffirm the loan, as we had equity in the car at that point. Continued to make monthly payments on the car to Chase via Moneygram. Paid almost $8,000 in the almost two years since the bankruptcy. Had calculated that I owed about $1,400 in March. On March 25, a tow truck showed up to repossess the car. I couldn’t believe that Chase would repossess the car for such a small amount owed and the fact that we had so much equity in it. I called the Chase bankruptcy department while the tow truck driver waited. I was told that the $1,400 was a balloon payment from when I had deferred a couple payments years earlier when my son was hospitalized. With everything that has happened since then, I had completely forgotten that the last payment would be a balloon payment. There was no notice or reminder of this from Chase. They refused to make any payment arrangements and insisted that I had to let the tow truck take the car unless I had $1,400 in cash at that very moment. The tow truck driver couldn’t even believe that they were taking it either. This is our only car.

Without it my husband could not get to work, my daughter to school, or my son to his multiple therapy appointments. Even after requesting a supervisor, they still refused to work with me. Keep in mind that I would not be responsible for any of the cost and fees associated with repossessing the car, as it was included in bankruptcy and not reaffirmed. Chase would be responsible for all of that. So the car was repossessed and towed away. We had to rent a car to the tune of $234 for the week. I called Chase again first thing Monday morning. I informed them that I would be redeeming the car on that Friday morning when my husband got paid. I was given specific instructions on what to do when I made the payment in cash at the Chase branch. I then called the towing company who took the car and informed them that I would be getting the car on Friday morning. I was told to call Chase back and ask for a redemption hold. I called Chase back and they refused. I called them multiple times that week. At one point I was told a completely different person was now in charge of my account. I was given a completely different set of instructions on making the payment at the bank. I kept in contact with both Chase and the towing company throughout the week.

On Thursday morning, I called the towing company and was informed that my car was in route to Manheim Auto auction almost 4 hours away from my house. I was told that they would bring it back to my city by the next day for $100. On Friday morning, just before going to the bank to redeem the car, the towing company called and told me that my car was at the auto auction and Chase refused to let them bring it back to my city. I called the auto auction and was told that they close early at 3:30 on Fridays and are not open on the weekends at all to pick up the car. I went down to the bank and paid the $1,400 and followed their instructions on having the payment receipt faxed to them. My husband had to leave work early and we drove the 4 hours to pick up the car. It took almost the entire 4 hours and multiple phone calls for Chase to fax the release to the auction in time. I arrived at the auction just before closing, but late for my scheduled appointment. The woman handling this at the auction was quite sympathetic of my situation and effort and happily agreed to let me pick up the car. I was informed that Chase would be billed for over $300 in transport and storage fees from the auction, as well as the repossession and storage costs to the towing company.

So Chase was it worth wasting probably almost $700 to repossess the car? Add on the cost of my rental car and the complete waste of all of my time. And thank you for the wild goose Chase to pick up MY car! And by the way, I still to this day have never received any repossession documents in the mail from your bank and you know where I live. That is against the law! Please remember that according to my state’s laws you must send me notice of release of lienholder within 15 calendar days. It is now day 8. I do expect to receive my title in a timely matter. Chase Bank…I will never forget this experience with you bank and I will never ever do business with you again. I like to remember how much money our government bailed toughie with and this is the thanks you give to hard working families?

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  • By pam campbell, June 1, 2011 @ 7:13 am

    I am upset that chase does not put the convenience check expiration date on their statements. This is not in the interest of customer service. I have called and written to no avail. They do not see it as a needed consumer service. I was told “if we put everything on the statement the pages would grow” By not adding the expiration date they are setting the person up to fail since anyone can forget dates especially when you have several checks with different expiration dates.

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