WaMu Sucks!

I needed to send an international wire transfer and was surprised to find WaMu would not allow me to do so, not even if I went into the bank. So my only option was to transfer money to my other bank and send the transfer, but WaMu won't let me transfer my money out despite having verified the external account. I've now gone in to a physical location twice, and been on the phone for hours with some of the most depressed and angry people I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. The customer service reps on the phone say I need to go into a branch, the people at the actual physical bank branch say I need to do it online. At this point not one cent has left my account. I've just submitted a check to my other bank that will clean out my WaMu account for good, and have been told by my accountant if they don't process the check they will be breaking the law. Let's hope it clears without me having to raise legal action just to get my money. To anyone reading this, please stay as far away from WaMu as possible!