WaMu Sucks!

I saw the writing on the wall, and stopped using both my WAMU checking account and credit card about a year ago. I thought that maybe once JP Morgan took them over, things might be better. HA!

This is the message I just sent to WAMU:

"Because of your ridiculously stupid policies of charging fees for every thing you can possibly think of; because you offered me a check for 1.99% on my WAMU credit card for a balance transfer, then due to my account being past due for about $25 (although you hadn't sent me a statement for months; AND the total balance was only $30), you returned the check and charged me $20!!!; and because I just spent over 25 minutes on the phone, trying to get a simple question answered and had to 'verify' my name, address, home phone, and work phone FOUR TIMES, I have just become a member of WAMU SUCKS: http://www.washingtonmutualsucks.org/

I was going to actually give you a second chance, but forget it! I am never using your greedy, inept, sloppy services ever again.

(a guy who took my payment named Dirk was nice; the rest of them need training in common sense)