WaMu Sucks!

I wouldn't say WAMU completely sucks, but it's heading there. I opened a Secured Credit Card with $300 in June 2008 with them to improve my Credit Score. Noticing how this move has been helping my score a lot. On November 24th I increased the limit to $500 by depositing another $200 into the savings account. Great, since then I've been planning to increase my limit with a whopping $500 to make it $1000. I figured that would boost my score drastically. So I walk in to the branch December 18 and go up to the teller to increase my credit limit. Come to find out, I was told that Chase is deciding to cancel WAMU's credit card services for their own and that they are not accepting any increases. No warning nothing, and it's been less then a month since my previous increase. This is a drastic disappointment for me I was looking for my score to go up to get a car loan. Now I wonder what's going to happen. They told me Chase will decide whether or not they will offer me a credit card. This totally sucks!!!