WaMu Sucks!

I can not begin to express my complete and utter disgust @ WAMU ever since the Chase Purchase. Literally within weeks of the purchase, we were the victim of a fraudulent charge. And once again we were hit last week. To make matters worse, when I was talking to the rep on the phone about it and made sure to indicate that it was only my husband’s card "right? So I can still use my card to access our funds." ... I got a "oh, oh", I said " What oh, oh?" To which the reply was, I am so sorry I just canceled the wrong card.

Are you kidding me!!!!! Okay so how do we fix this, I am going away for the weekend and I now have no funds. It is 10:30 on Friday night and I am leaving in 4 hours? Well the supervisor said they would expedite the cards and I would get them on Tuesday. ( I did just tell them I was going away in 4 hours right?) “that is the best they can do. So They made the mistake and there is nothing they can do. I now had to take cash advances from my credit cards at a ridiculous rate just so I had money for tolls.

You think it’s over … Not so fast!

The FedEx arrived on Tuesday ... Nope it's not over ... There was only one card and NO PIN! When I called now I am told that they never put in the order for my husbands card replacement that will now arrive in another 10 days. When my husband reminded them that they were able to expedite my card, they quickly said that they couldn’t do that. I guess each employee has a different set of rules.

But wait it gets better; the pin for my card only just went out on Tuesday (Mind you they expedited the card…just not the pin) and My husband’s card and pin, which was the one that should have been done in the first place, won’t arrive 9 days later!

I am going away for 4 days this weekend and I now have no access to my money all because Chase will not expedite MY pin which THEY canceled in error. And I am now forced to use my credit cards again to take out a cash advance when I have the money in my account!!!

This was the reason my husband and I left Chase and Citi bank years ago, and now we are back in the same mess!

I was happy with WAMU. They treated us like a human being and took care of the issues immediately. They recognized that not everyone has money to burn, and that most of us go paycheck to paycheck.

I am tired of "sorry for the inconvenience." …… SURE YOU ARE?!?!?!