WaMu Sucks!

Here's what I wrote to them after receiving a letter that my account was closed due to inactivity. WaMU is worthless and it's no wonder why they are in financial peril with their decision making. They just can't give you an honest answer.

Date: 12/18/2008
Subject: Closure of my account

I recently received a letter stating that my account (ending in 7039) was closed due to inactivity. My credit is excellent and my FICO score is estimated to be 760, from your website. I am living within my limits and this is this how you reward costumers with good credit? I never made a late payment or went over my balance. The customer service representative said that the cost of maintaining an account is what forced you to make the decision to close my account. What is the cost in keeping my account open? Had I spent $5 on it, would that have been sufficient to keep it active? A letter indicating the impending closure of my account would have been quite useful to avert this situation. I have an additional WaMU account; why should I use it if this is how you decide to treat me? Please do not reply with a stock letter stating that the closure of my account was unfortunate and you apologize for any inconvenience. If you can't personally generate a genuine rebuttal, please do not reply. Your reply will help me assess whether I will continue to use the WaMU account that you have not closed, as of yet.

Here is WaMU's reply:

Date: 12/19/2008
Subject: Closure of my account

Dear (name deleted)
Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding your account.
This is in response to your request for additional information regarding why your account was closed. As we advised in the letter that you recently received, we periodically review our customers? credit card accounts. In reviewing your account, we noticed that you had not used the credit card account listed above for the last several months. Due to this inactivity as well as other risk factors, we have exercised our right to close your account.
Please be assured that this closure will not appear as a negative mark with the credit bureau reporting agencies, nor will it negatively affect your status with these agencies.
Our credit decision was based in part on information obtained in a report from the consumer reporting agency listed below. You have a right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to know the information contained in your credit file at the consumer reporting agency. The reporting agency played no part in our decision and is unable to supply specific reasons for this action. You also have a right to a free copy of your report from the reporting agency, if you request it no later than 60 days after you receive this notice. In addition, if you find that any information contained in the report you receive is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to dispute the matter with the reporting agency.
TransUnion Consumer Relations,
2 Baldwin Place
P.O. Box 1000, Chester PA 19022
We are unable to reopen your previous credit card account with our bank. Please consider submitting an application at Chase.com. Select the link named Credit-Cards then click on the link named Find-A-Card. Click the Apply-Now link under the credit card offer that best suits your needs.
If you have further questions or would like additional information, please e-mail us through our secure Contact Center or you may also call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-800-280-0561. Representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Thank you. We look forward to more opportunities to meet your financial needs.
WaMu Customer Service
P.S. We hope you enjoy the convenience of online account access. Keep in mind, at our website you can check your balance, pay your bill, and more - 24 hours a day