WaMu Sucks!

I am so frustrated I feel compelled to share. Attached is an excel spreadsheet of every call I made to Chase for my loan mod. Today was the last straw! The rep today asked why I woudl keep track of my calls on how that would help my loan mod go any quicker. I was shocked at such a statement and when I demanded a supervisor, she told me I am not entiltled to speak with one.

Please look at all my wasted time over the year that has accomplished nothing but giving Chase's fax machine a good workout!

Beginning in Decmeber 2008, I made several calls were made to Wamu prior to this log
I asked what help was available and was told NONE every time
Only in January 2009 did I decide to start tracking everything to document my efforts Loan Dept.
1/12/09 called to check what help was available Loan Mod Department
spoke to Mike in the Cure QRT 866-550-5705
went over some ball park numbers of my monthly cash flow
on the phone, Mike determined I have about a monthly deficit of $700 per month
advised he would send me and information packet for me to fill out
once received, Chase would evaluate my situation to see what if anything could be done

2/16/09 mailed in completed loan info package

3/4/09 called to check status, not received

3/26/09 Called to check status
advised I was missing items
I responded that I gave them all items they requested
I asked why were the items were not requested in the material I received
I got a "not really sure" runaround type answer
Chase now asking for additional information
* copies of last 3 tax returns
* proof of property tax bill
* proof of homeowners insurance
* proof of homeowners association
requested items be faxed to 206-494-466 Attention Missing Items
Advised I have NO homeowners association at this time

3/30/09 Sent missing items via fax to 206-494-4666

3/31/09 called and asked for status
advised after fax sent, takes 4-5 business days to get into the system
advised to call back later

4/8/09 called and asked for status
will take 16 days to get to the "openers"
was advised that usually not sent to openers unless the package is complete
takes 16 business days to get to openers

5/1/09 called and spoke with David
let them it has been 17 business days since I last called
advised me the file went to a negotiator on 4/22/09
Demetrice Blackshear
Chase now asking for additional information
*Hardship Affidavit with signature
Stated I already provided copies of my tax returns

5/1/09 4056T sent via fax to 206-494-4666

5/15/09 hardship affidavit letter sent via fax to 206-494-4666

5/18/09 called and was on hold for over 30 min
wanted to confirm letter was received
wanted to confirm if the letter needed to be in the form of a FM1122
resend exact same hardship letter as a FM1122 just in case

5/27/09 called rep, didn't wait form name
asked that they have received all documentation, and don't need anything else
CONFIRMED they have received everything and have all documentation needed
was advised my case my reassigned on 5/26.09 to different department
Immanent Default Department
advised to call every 2 weeks to check in
was just assigned to the department, so I don’t have an assigned rep yet

6/3/09 received a computer generated call at my home
asked that I not contact Chase for 30 days so they can process my request

6/7/09 received a message on my answering machine at from a computer generated call
requested that I call Chase immediately

6/8/09 called number, missed name, rep was confused on why I would be calling
asked about phone call I received, rep had no info
no notes on file, rep transferred me to immanent default department
started over with Tom, name, address, loan # etc.
He stated my loan needs to be reviewed, needs two reviews
must meet Freddie Mac guidelines for modification
he stated some guidelines are:
* home is my primary residence
* have no more than 3 months total expenses in liquid funds
* discussed something about loan to value that made no sense
will contact me if they need any loan docs
should hear something in 7-10 business days
gave me new # immanent default 888-708-3336
if I don’t hear from them call in 10 business days

6/25/09 called to check status, spoke to Larry New #
read me long legal statement about being prosecuted for fraud, misrepresentation, perjury Immanent Default
made me agree to the terms of statement before proceeding 888-708-3336
asked me for some prequalification numbers (ball park) 530-383-4237
gave the following:
Salary 67752
Prop Ins 1920
Prop Tax 5000
He calculated mortgage number of 1711 based on my loan
He stated 37% debt to income is the target and I qualify as I am over
advised to call back in 10 business days, or 2 weeks

6/26/09 called to get Fax # and provide additional documentation
flood insurance coverage page
faxed to 866-282-5682

7/8/09 Called to check status
Rep checked over notes, advised to call back in 2 weeks
They are back logged, case still needs assigned
Once assigned 30-60 before loan mod offer

7/31/09 Called to check status talked to Sandra
need an updated 4506T, 6a and 6c box checked, to verify 2008, Wamu has new address
most recent proof of payment on homeowners policy
recent 2 pay stubs
recent bank statement
page 2 of pdf on Wamu package, new checklist https://www.chase.com/ccpmweb/chf/document/Borrowers_Assistance_Form_WaMu_2009.pdf
copy of 2008 tax return
Stated my case would be assigned to an underwriter as soon as all these items received

faxed to 866-282-5682 today
recent 2 pay stubs
recent bank statement
added declarations page from homeowners policy (asked for on checklist)
most recent proof of payment on homeowners policy

8/3/09 faxed to 866-282-5682 today first thing
Added Utility bill for proof of occupancy - per request list
copy of 2008 tax return
page 2 of pdf on Wamu package, new checklist

called an spoke to Lyn Lyn gave addtl' contact info
says the requirements are always changing - C in Chase stands for change Way Forward dept
must have "1040" filled in on line 6 of 4506T 866-550-5705
2008 must be signed, even though a copy can confirm if complete
missing page 6 of 13 WFB June 2009 statement send to underwritng

Immediately sent
page 6 of 13 of WFB June 2009 statement
resent 4506T with "1040" filled in on line 6

8/5/09 faxed signed copy of 2008 tax return

called and spoke to - missed name
reviewed submitted info on file
still need more information
letter signed and dated stating I don't pay homeowners fee
- noted that was included in the financial form, still needed a separate letter
need new packet completed
since new packet been produced, I needed to fill out an all new one
- noted information was the same, despite different form, was put on hold, then said it was ok
rep asked that I fill out section 3, hardship affidavit section again, just to not rejected
- noted information was the same, despite different form, was put on hold, then said it should be done
informed if this was submitted, info would be complete

immediate following call, faxed to 866-282-5682
signed and dated letter stating there are no homeowners assoc fees on my home
section 3, hardship affidavit check bock list
included prior version with new section, hardship affidavit to show they are the same, just different layout

8/6/09 called and spoke to Kelly
asked if I sent missing items
said yes, was sent last night
she said missing items were received at 6:45 pm last night
I asked if all documentation has been received and good to go
She confirmed all documents received and I need to wait to be assigned to a processor
30-60 days to be assigned
she had a very short tone and seemed bothered by my call - so I ended the call

8/11/09 called andd spoke to Frank
put on hold - check file - put on hold check
file is complete
"ball is in our court now"
30-45 days worst case scenario to be assigned
could be assigned sooner though
will be contacted by mail or by phone by underwriting
underwriters may ask for some more specific information
Frank sent an emial and asked for a rush to be put on file

9/4/09 called to check status
24 days since last call - not heard anything since
spoke to Nicole
file has been forwarded to underwriting
they have 30-45 days to get back to me - noted it has not been 30 days yet
stated the clock started on 8/11/09 - was forwarded that day
advised I would call in exactly 6 days
stated it will not be assigned to a particular person in underwriting
30 days from 8/11/09 will be 9/10/09
45 days from 8/11/09 will be 9/25/09

9/17/09 Waited 37 days to call - split difference on 30-45 days wait
spoke with Jeff
notes in file show sent to underwriting, but no notes or updates on the file
looked at "other" database and said file had not gone to underwriting until 9/12
could not explain why was supposedly assigned to underwriting on 8/11
confirmed notes on the file show file was assigned to underwriting on 8/11
system show the file went to underwriting on 9/12
I asked why the 31 day delay - he apologized but could not explain
said would talk to supervisor about getting my file fast tracked
I explained my file was supposedly fast tracked when supposedly sent on 8/11
advised to call back in a week

10/13/09 waited 31 days to call from 9/12/09
spoke with Vashon (sp?)
she stated no decision has been made yet
I asked about me being in the 30-45 day window as of today
she stated period would be more like 30-60 days for a decision
she advised me to call back every week to check status
I asked to triple check and confirm my file is on underwriting based on what happened in August
she confirmed my loan is in underwriting

10/23/09 waited 31 days to call from 9/12/09
Spoke with Erica
been 10 days and I am checking back in on status
Tey state I did not show proof that my I paid my property tax

Now since they need 1 document, I must resumbmit everything over

Will fax me a new form
current bank statements

10/23/09 called again -did not wait for name
demanded a supervisor - takes 48 hours for call back if req a supervisor
Underwriting needs the following items or will not process
bank statement - liquid only
utility bill - any with name and address
Last 2 pay stubs
Financial Information Form completed
questioned why I was never requested to fill out prior
said must complete for federal audit reasons
fax to 866-282-5682

sent copy of cancelled checks for tax payments
sent copy of bank statement
sent last 2 pay stubs

10/26/09 faxed over utility bill and Financial Information Form

10/27/09 faxed over proof of prop insurance paid - trying to beat next reason why they will delay

10/27/09 called to confirm status - got some newbie in training kept callng me maam
confused to status
did confirm all docs since 10/24 received
advisded to call back in 2 weeks

10/29/09 called to see what fun they have for me next
was on hold for 30 min then picked up and hung up on!
put on hold again - took a while to start talking - spoke to Jackie
asked for status and confirm all docs are good
4506T has expired - need a new one - they expire every day - mine is outdated
Advised outdated because they take so long - response with can't process w/o current
Requested signed page 3 of SECTION 3: Home Affordable Modification Program Hardship Affidavit
Advised already sent previous versions - was advised I need this one
Asked why never requested before - response can't process w/o
Immediately sent re-dated 4506T

10/30/09 Sent requested signed page from packet

11/2/09 called to check status
spoke with toni
checked notes
will flag to show processor that 4506T is complete and on file
reveiwed file - said everything looks good

11/9/09 called for status check - spoke to Carol
read me new disclosure about credit agencies reporting
I understand that my modification will be different than my loan terms and will be reported
to the credit reporting agencies as part of modification
advised to send bank statements, pay stubs, and utility monthly during process

11/17/09 called to check status
was on hold for 37 minutes - just hung up

11/20/09 called to check status
on hold for 11 minutes, got hung up on after 3 questions were asked
on hold for 13 minutes, spoke with Geraldine
read statement that loan mod will impact credit report for no payment
Stated my loan went to loan processing (confirmed same as underwriting) on November 9th
I asked why the date change, could not give a reason, got attitude from rep immediately
I told her I document these calls and know my file was in underwriting on 9/12/09
She asked why do I document these calls "what will that accomplish"
I stated so I know where I am at in the process, and keep on dates when things are supposed to happen
She responded that will not help my modification get processed any faster
stated a loan mod is an application
I specifically asked if paying skipping a mortgage payment would derail this process. Stated no
Requested a supervisor call back on why underwriting dates changed and was denied - not a reason for a supervisor call back.
No supervisor would call me back. I asked what justifies a supervisor call back. No response.
Just kept asking if there is anything else she can help we with today
My call seemed to be a major inconveince to her.