WaMu Sucks!

On October 28th I was notified that a deposit I made on October 21st had been rejected. It took them seven days to notify me that my deposit had been rejected! When I received notification on the 28th, I immediately ran to the bank to correct the situation. I found that they had charged my account daily overdraft fees from the 23rd to the 28th, when I went into the bank and complained. If I had been timely notified of the problem with my deposit - within a day or two - I could have corrected it before any charges had been incurred. In fact, it's easy to show that they intentionally sat on the information so that they could charge overdraft fees, because the letter inside the envelope was dated October 23rd, while the envelope was post marked October 26th. They waited three days to mail the letter, so that they could charge fees.

I would like to know if they are doing this nationwide. That could mount up to millions of dollars in extra fees for our favorite chisellers, every day!

In California