WaMu Sucks!

I called the help center yesterday in regards to automated phone calls I have been receiving. My problem was that I was getting more than 5 calls a day on most days. Every time I would answer I would get an automated message telling me to call the help center regarding my account.

I spoke to an account “supervisor” named Elli (ID #620097). She explained to me that the calls were being generated because I was over the limit on my card. I can understand and respect that. What I don’t understand is why I was getting more than the supposed 3 calls a day? She insisted that I was only getting 3 calls a day. I told her that I would be happy showing her a phone log proving that it was more like 5 calls a day. She said she had noted my account. I asked if there was any way to limit the number of calls to no more than 1 per day for the time that I am over my limit. She said she couldn’t help me with that. I asked if maybe there was anyone in technical support that could assist me in resolving this issue. Again I was told no. So I asked for her supervisor, hoping that her superior could help me. She said she was the supervisor. I asked her if there was anyone else above her. She said no. I asked again, and again she said she was the supervisor. So I asked her if she signed her own payroll checks, and all of a sudden her answer changed and her managers were now in a meeting. I asked her why she lied to me. She said she had tried to explain it but I had cut her off. This was another bold-faced lie. I asked her 3 times if there was anyone else above her and she said no. There was no additional explanation after that. She had finished speaking as though she was ready to end the call. I asked for her manager’s voice-mail and she said that she couldn’t transfer to voice-mail. I asked what time the managers would be out of their meeting (since none of them were available to speak with), Elli insisted that she didn’t know. I asked if should call back later in the day and she again said she didn’t know. I asked if I should call back the following day and again she didn’t know.

I am a college educated woman. I did not appreciate my intelligence being insulted with the lies that were presented in my phone call. I found it very unprofessional that there wasn’t anyone else I could speak to in regards to this matter. I refuse to be treated as some ignorant fool who is too stupid to understand how executive superiority works.

Like I stated before, I am not against all phone calls, just the 4 other harassing phone calls afterward within the same day.

The one thing I think I realized is why Washington Mutual had to be rescued by JP Morgan. All of the managers are always in a meeting, which allows the “supervisors” to handle business in which they lack experience and are incapable of doing. Maybe if the managers actually managed business, they wouldn’t be in the financial state they’re in.