How to get Chase to move on a loan mod

This story is a sad one but quite typical of Chase.  Every loan modification story we hear, we learn more about just how broken the Chase loan modification machinery is.

A responsible homeowner has been in her home for 12 years, with a mortgage that was very much within her means.  But she got laid off, exhausted her savings, and her prospects aren’t good.  She was laid off in March 2009.  In November of 2009, applied for a loan mod with Chase.  She is still waiting for an answer 7 months later.  What does Chase have to say about this?

When the story’s authors contacted Chase, Chase claimed that they had only received the paperwork the day the journalists first contacted them.  Is it really possible for paperwork to rattle around inside Chase and only surface after seven months?  That appears to be how things work there.

The good news is that once contacted by the media, Chase started working on her loan mod.  So, the way to get a loan modification going is to have the media contact Chase and inquire about it.  Hmm.

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