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I started this site in 2005 after I had a minor but annoying problem with Washington Mutual bank.  It wasn’t the severity of the problem, it was the way in which they handled it, as if they could do whatever they wanted and I didn’t matter.  So I registered a domain and wrote about it.  Over time people started sending me stories which I also posted.  As WaMu careened towards disaster, the traffic climbed, the stories flowed in, and I started also posting stories I found elsewhere.  The poor customer service and downright cluelessness of many WaMu employees that the stories spoke of was truly shocking.

Then Chase bought WaMu (or stole it) and a whole new chapter in suckyness was opened up.  I think most customers hoped things would get better, but they got even worse.  Inept customer service was joined by downright calculated abusiveness, especially with the now infamous debit card overdraft protection (i.e. cascade of fees) and how Chase orders debits and credits to maximize overdraft charges. The sheer volume of stories that continue to pop up means Chase hasn’t changed its ways, not by a long shot.

Personally, I long ago joined a smaller bank where the people tend to know what they are doing and are pleasant.  You should consider the same.  Hopefully the stories here will shock you into ditching Chase and finding a better home for your money.

This isn’t the first time I’ve created a site like this when I didn’t like how a company operated.  Here are some of the other sites I have created:

Direct mail: NoDirectMail.org
Gift cards: Gift Card Advocate
Sleazy official looking notices: Annual Review Board

If you think something is unfair, I urge you to do something about it! If we all did this, people and companies would behave better!

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