More evidence that Chase’s e-banking features simply don’t work

Another complaint related to Chase’s electronic banking features:

I made the account auto pay in Dec/2009 was hospitalized Jan checked acct Feb/2010 found it unpaid caught it up.

Again made it auto pay in Feb/2010 (via internet only option) again received a success notice upon completion. Started a new job continued recovery lost track of my life, received no notices from Chase that there was any problem, no e-mail, no phone calls and no mail.

After finishing my teaching job checked acct and found it was 60 days late. Upon calling company was told my acct had been closed and reported to credit reporting my only option was to make payments, nothing else could be done. This after paying it with all the penalties plus being a good customer for 5 years, paying card off multiple times and very seldom carrying a large balance.

These are pretty basic things.  To have them fail like this repeatedly would give me zero confidence in anything Chase does related to e-banking.

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  • By coakl, January 11, 2011 @ 10:37 am

    It looks like the checking account that’s being used for auto-pay, doesn’t have enough money in it.

    The complaint article is leaving out a critical piece of information: are the automatic payments showing up in the checking account?

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