Chase = repo man

Some of the stories about Chase just seem so bizarre.  Can this really be a large retail bank that has years of experience and millions of customers?  Sometimes, they act like a small operation that just opened its doors yesterday.

The bottom line is that people sometimes fall on hard times and a bank has to decide whether they want to work with them, or just try and screw them out of as much money as they can.  Take for instance this story about a woman that became one month behind on her auto loan.

I put $9000 down on my Yukon 16 months ago. Due to unforseen circumstances I started running a month behind. They started calling me 10+ times a day, even started calling family & friends. I called them on Fiday to make a payment & the phone would just ring. Called at least a dozen times over the weekend Still no one answered.

Seems reasonable, right?  A customer is having a hard time but wants to make good.  But then

Monday I finally get someone & he told me they won’t accept 1 payment they also wanted May’s which just became due 5 days ago. I told him I could only make 1 as I am unemployed. He didn’t care. So I asked for his supervisor & he wouldn’t put anyone else on the phone. He said he will call me Tuesday after 11 to give me more time to get funds. WELL…..woke up Tuesday & My car was GONE

Really Chase?  You’ve got a customer that wants to make good on her loan and is doing the best that she can and you repo the car for being one month behind?  This isn’t the bank I want watching my back.

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