Chase’s 22 cent solution

We pointed this out in a post yesterday, but I thought it was so ridiculous it was worth mentioning again.

An article in the Arizona Sun newspaper discussing people’s difficulty getting loan modifications with Chase gave as an example one customer who was able to get a loan modification successfully.  His total reduction in monthly payment after months of working hard to get a modification?  A whopping 22 cents.

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  • By Herbie Hester, July 12, 2012 @ 12:04 pm

    I live at 680 Campground RD Whiteville NC 28472. Chase Bank owns property right next door at 654 Campground Rd. Whiteville NC. I would like to be reimbursed my money & expenses that I have incurred for the last 2 years to keep up the ditch that divides our properties. You send out a landscaper every two weeks who does not do a good job. I have to go behind them to weedeat & trim the ditch or else it overgrows. I have to buy Roundup and gas. Today your landscaper cursed me out because I asked him to clean the ditch; which is apart of your property. The police was called in to mediate. The police said I should file a lawsuit against your company which is my next step is this situation is not handled appropriately and immediately. I have brought Roundup and gas twice a month for the last 3 years. Thank You,
    Herbie Hester
    680 Campground Rd
    Whiteville NC 28472
    (910) 207-4121

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