Man dumps Chase after 44 years

This guy had been with Chase (or its predecessors) for 44 years. He recently opened a business checking account. Someone (he thinks a Chase employee) got a hold of his never received debit card and racked up $6,200 in charges. Somehow their fraud department missed the totally uncharacteristic charges for a 78 year old single man. Chase refused to refund his money and claimed the he fits the profile of a credit card cheat. Not even the pictures of the woman wearing a dress using his card at the ATM (from the police) would convince Chase to change their mind. So he ditched the bank.

Update to story: After his story was posted on the Huffington Post, Chase apparently got the message they needed to deal with it, so they are returning his $6200. So now we all know the best strategy for dealing with Chase – if you can’t get satisfaction, go to the press!

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