Goodbye WaMu hello Chase (Editorial)

Washington Mutual, it seems, has done everything wrong. My criticism of them started out a few years ago about their poor customer service. In the last year, as their exposure to the sub-prime lending debacle has come to light, the bank has suffered considerably in their ability to keep going as an independent bank, and their customer service got progressively worse. Both their customer service problems and their sub-prime exposure were related to the same core problem – poor leadership. I have always stated that my desire was for Washington Mutual to take the information I publish on this site and use it to improve their customer service; it appears that this is up to JP Morgan Chase now, which I hope is a much better bank.

To continue to provide a place where people can share their experiences, I have added as an address for this site. Because I don’t have any experience with JP Morgan Chase and I can only hope they are a better bank than WaMu was.

The next few months will be a critical time for all (former) WaMu customers. Please continue to send me your stories so everyone can see how the transition is going. If things get better or worse, people need to know about it.

If you are a JP Morgan Chase customer, all of your WaMu brethren want to know what kind of a bank they are getting; please send me your stories, both good and bad.

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