Chase debit card skimmed? Chase won’t protect you

Debit card skimming is a fairly common occurrence these days, meaning that at least several times a year I hear about it happening in the general area where I live.  We’ve reported on why debit cards are not as well protected as credit cards in a past post, and this story confirms that fact precicely.

Details: I had and still have possession of my ATM card. On the 27th and 28th of last month 2 separate ATM withdrawals of $500 each were taken out of my account by hackers. On the 28th when I tried to use my card at a local merchant it was declined. Almost simultaneously I received a voicemail from Chasebank fraud division. I returned their call immediately and answered all their questions. They said my $1000 would TEMPORARILY be put back into my account pending their investigation. 5 HOURS later I was informed by ChaseBank fraud department that they had concluded their investigation AND THEY WERE NOT GOING TO REIMBURSE ME THE $1000 THAT WAS S T O L E N FROM MY ACCOUNT!!!
Why? Their 2 reasons: 1.) the 2 withdrawals were made in the same geograhical area in which I live. 2). there were no bad pin tries.

Of course, those reasons simply don’t add up with the reality of Chase’s very own ATMs being fitted with skimmers on occasion.  First, if your card is skimmed, it is very likely that local thieves are to blame and they will use it in your local area.  Second, if your card is skimmed, they will have your PIN number.  In any case, what idiot thief would take a debit card for which they did not have the PIN and try random PIN numbers at an ATM.

In this particular case, what Chase called the same geographical area turned out to be two places each more than 100 miles from where the customer lived.

Why does Chase do things like this that are so obviously out of touch with reality?  Until some insider leaks some emails that confirms that Chase frequently denies debit card fraud claims not because they don’t believe it is fraud but because they know they can get away with it, we’ll just have to speculate that is the reason.


  • By Jessica, October 4, 2010 @ 11:23 am

    As mom would say. Chase has gotten too big for their pants. They will keep getting away with unfair and unethical practices until someone intervines and puts a stop to it.

  • By Jennifer Trojnor, October 4, 2010 @ 2:26 pm

    They just did the same thing to me here in New York. Trying to find a good attorney before I am put out of my home. I was never notified of the foreclosure and only found out because I called to find out if there was a specific persons attention I should sent my loan modification paperwork to. I was on a payment plan and the next step was a modification. They cashed my check for September and foreclosed my home anyway. There’s some Crazy stuff going on.

  • By Kelly, February 12, 2011 @ 1:52 pm

    So someone stole my debit card out of my purse that was accidently left at a gas station this weekend when I was sick. Unfortunately, I had my pin written on a piece of paper in the purse. I went home after the gas station and pretty much slept until Sunday. Then I logged on to pay bills, and was freaked out to find that there were about $5000.00 in purchases (mainly Wal-Marts) on my account. I called Chase up right away, and they told me that they weren’t going to submit any claim because MY PIN WAS USED. I was furious. I called the next day and spoke with a nice lady who put the money back into my account while they did “their investigation.” If I had known Chase was bunch of fucks I would have withdrawn the money right then and there, but I kind of assumed that their investigation would find it wasn’t me and everything would be fine. Next thing I know the money is withdrawn back out, and Chase is accusing me (the customer) of committing fraud on them. They told me they had reason to believe that I sent someone out with my debit card and pin. WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?! Then I get a letter in the mail telling me that they’re closing my account and don’t wish to do business with me anymore. After DAYS of wondering why this is I find some lady that is willing to tell me that because my account was recently opened (I’ve had it for 1 1/2 years) and had large checks deposited (from the same company who I was sub contracted through) it set off a red flag for a common fraud trend. She reopened my account, and UNFROZE the remainder of my funds (about 1500). I called the fraud department back up to see if they would reopen my claim thinking their rudeness and denial of my claim had something to do with their dumbass brains thinking I am the one committing fraud on them. I felt safe with Chase bank because of their advertising. Yes, I was swiftly persuaded with advertising. Anyways, they told me that on their end, they’re done with my claim…no explaination nothing. I have since sent a letter (certified delivery) outlining the fraudulant transactions, and requesting them to reimburse my account (which is remaining open for this reason only.) I plan to join a class action or civil suit, but need some help. I am out almost $5000.00, and am behind on rent because of it. My landlord understands that Chase bank is a bunch of deuch bags, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am a loyal customer who has been put through the wringer and left out to dry. I am angry, pissed, upset, and want to make it known to eveyrone thinking of even opening up a simply $200 savings account THAT YOUR MONEY IS NOOOOOOT SAFE!!!! DON’T EVER BANK WITH THESE FUCKS.

  • By admin, February 12, 2011 @ 3:17 pm

    Quite a story Kelly. I would complain to anyone and everyone that you can, including the Better Business Bureau, your state’s consumer affairs department, your elected officials, both state and Federal, the Federal Reserve (who regulates Chase Bank), and most importantly, your local TV and newspaper consumer affairs people. It is been proven time and again that Chase only seems to do the reasonable thing when they risk the story turning into a big one.

    Have you reported the fraud to the local police? Wal-Mart likely has surveillance tapes that might be important to prove it wasn’t you that perpetrated the fraud and the police might have an easier time getting them than you.

    Check our How to Contact Chase page for the names and numbers of some people to try and contact at Chase for help.

  • By coakl, February 14, 2011 @ 3:45 pm

    To Kelly:
    As much as I hate Chase, in this example, you are the one to blame.

    Leaving your PIN number in the same wallet as your debit card, is about the stupidest thing you can do. Either memorize it or have a banker change it for you.

    If these had been signature debit purchases (no PIN), Chase fraud detection software would have caught up with the crooks and halted the merchant authorizations. And you would be covered by VISA’s zero liability policy for unauthorized purchases.

    But all of that protection is lost when you carelessly leave your purse at the gas station, not realize your mistake for a couple days, AND you give away your PIN.

  • By sadie, May 10, 2011 @ 4:40 pm

    i am so fed up with chase, it’s not even funny! they just sent me a new debit card by overnight ups for no reason! so i called and asked why and got some random idiot on the phone who obviously didn’t speak much english and sounded like she was totally reading off a script! naturally she couldn’t help me and transferred me to some other dope in fraud protection. he told me that my card had been “compromised” but that everything was fine and not to worry. so someone out there has my debit card number and possibly more of my personal info, but don’t worry?! he refused to give me any sort of information about what happened other than “it may have been at a merchant’s location” and that “chase was notified by law enforcement” about what happened. i’m glad they caught it and all, but what a shitty way of handling things! why couldn’t they have sent a letter along with the new card?! why can’t they answer my questions? i think i have a good god damned right to know who may “potentially” have access to my debit card number and info! chase does just what the name says – chases you away! i wish wamu was still around, i was SO mad when chase took over! looks like i’m going to have to find a new bank to work with – one that hopefully communicates info better to its customers and one with people that speak english!!!!!

  • By Charles Feriend, January 31, 2013 @ 4:24 pm

    I had a similar thing happen I lost my wallet, with my Chase debit card inside. Whoever found the wallet instead of returning it to me, used the card inside to make purchases before I realized the wallet and card were missing. I called Chase claims department and explained to them what had happened. And they reversed any charges made after my last known purchase. However, today I see one of the charges back on my account. The “explanation” I get from Chase as to why it was reversed was the the merchant provided a signed receipt. Well no fucking duh.. the people also had my Identification and therefore a fucking copy of my signature, even after yelling at the claims agent an threatening a lawsuit they still refused to reverse the charge. What’s worse the purchase was a delivery from a large chain Pizza so they had the address of whoever stole my card and outright refused to follow up with criminal charges on the stolen card because of a forged signature.

    Well I plan on filing a $100 million lawsuit against Chase, as soon as I clear all the money I have out of the accounts I do have out of their banks and changing to a more honorable one.

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