Chase posts mortgage payment to wrong account, 7 months later no resolution

A reader recently submitted this story:

March 2010 Chase posted my mortgage payment (paid via phone) to someone else’s loan.  When I called them about it they confirmed receipt of my payment, gave me a Case Id#, and promised to correct it immediately.  Seven months and many phone calls later not only has the payment not been posted to my loan, but they have been reporting me as 30 days late for 7 months.  I’ve spoken with numerous customer service reps each of whom has read the full file of notes to me and supposedly sent an email to a supervisor named Jamie (no last name).  Two weeks ago I was able to get through to a manager named Josh who also promised to correct the problem immediately.  NOTHING.  Today I called the executive office number and was told to wait 7-10 days for someone to call me.  This is the same thing I was told every time I called customer service.  This is their mistake.  I did nothing wrong. I pay on time every month.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM???

If you think this is an anomaly, just read more of the stories on this site.  Chase seems to do things like this all the time and seems to provide little help when people try to sort out the mess.

I once had something similar happen with a small regional bank I still bank with in California.  After upgrading their online banking software, my payment to Verizon went to someone else’s Verizon account.  Subsequent payments went to the correct account so it was a particularly tricky problem to figure out.  How is this different than Chase you might ask?  In 20 years of banking with this smaller regional bank, this was the only such problem I have EVER had, and when I called them to straighten it out, it only took one call.

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