Here come the foreclosure fraud class action lawsuits

If your counting the number of class action lawsuits filed against Chase for fraud in filing false documents related to foreclosures, scratch a couple of marks into your bed post; two new class action lawsuits were filed this week.

Nov 10 2010. JP Morgan Chase bank’s foreclosure fraud process.

In a regulatory filing submitted yesterday, November 9, JPMorgan Chase & Co. acknowledged that two separate class action lawsuits have been filed against their company, alleging fraud related to its decision to temporarily stop foreclosure proceedings.

Two months ago, Chase had placed a moratorium on foreclosure proceedings, while it launched an internal investigation into the possibility of discrepancies in its foreclosure documents.

Last week, Chase announced it would start refilling foreclosure documents within a few weeks.

One of the class action lawsuits was filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, charging Washington Mutual Bank and JPMorgan Chase & Co. with knowingly filing false documentation.

A separate suit against Chase Home Finance was filed in California state court as well.

JPMorgan also acknowledged a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Charles Schwab and Cambridge Place Investment Management, a hedge fund company. That suit was related to mortgage backed securities sold to the investors with the demand that the bank buy back the securities due to their faulty foreclosure documents.

Bank of America and Citigroup had already disclosed that similar suits were filed against them as well.

In both class action lawsuits, they allege “common law fraud and misrepresentation, as well as violations of state consumer fraud statutes.”

No dates have been announced as to when the proceedings will begin.

While JPMorgan has fared better on Wall Street than most of its competitors, consumer confidence is definitely fading, as shares in the bank dropped 0.3% in early trading on Tuesday.


  • By Mark Chandler, November 15, 2010 @ 12:24 pm

    My name is Mark Chandler
    In march of 2009 I started paying a forbearance on my home after I was divorced. I was getting nowhere with this so I hired a Lawyer to get my modification in Oct 2019! I had sent in all paperwork needed to get this done with my Lawyer and in April of 2010 my Modification was approved! After paying on the new Modification for 4 months I received a letter from Chase stating that they wanted my Ex wife’s Signature on the paperwork! On their own paperwork it stated that if we are divorced or she no longer wishes to be on the loan via a divorce decree which stated if either of us were able to get the home via a loan it was to be given to one of us! She was denied the load and I was approved. Thru my lawyer I sent it all paperwork and my modification was approved in April of 2010! I paid the payments for the modification fro 4 months them received a letter from chase that SHE my ex wife need to sigh the paperwork as well! Now on their own paperwork it stated she need not sign it if she abandoned the property, it was stated in the divorce decree, or she no longer wanted to be on the loan she need not sign anything! After paying for 4 months on the new mod I received another letter from Chase stating the Modification was denied after it was approved because she did not sign the paperwork! At that point my Lawyer was very upset because now he had to start the process all over again. Now they want proof of my Alimony and my renters agreement in which were both sent to them by being denied by them now because they say it is not enough proof that I am receiving payment of my alimony and renter payments even tho they have court documents of the Alimony payments and a rental agreement. Even tho all this is in fact in their hands they are not willing to modify my home! So I even had my ex wife sign the paperwork on the loan and now my lawyer is telling me they do not believe that I am receiving alimony from her nor will they believe that my renter is paying me! They have court documents stating payments of $650.00 from my wife for alimony in the court documents nor will they accept the paperwork for my renter!
    I am at my wits end with this bank and would like to file a lawsuit against them for their actions of continued paperwork and stress they have continued to put on me!
    I am a liver Transplant patient and because of all this stress my kidneys now have worsened and have no place to turn but to try and sue them! It seems there are thousands that are in the same boat as I and I need to find a class action Lawsuit against them to get them to stop this behavior. I have sent them everything needed and was approved then denied! I had also sent in the same paperwork at least 10 times now which I think they are just throwing away
    Sincerely Mark Chandler

  • By Katrina Porter, December 3, 2010 @ 8:02 pm

    I was awarded my home through a divorce 10/2009 at that time to prevent me from getting my home, my ex-husband filed a bankrupcy. After that Chase filed a forclosure on the property. Currently I am still in the home and would like to know how to keep my home. I am currently renting and paying my rent on time through the court of Gwinnett. Please call me to let me know what I can do to save my home. I have been in contact with Freddie mac and have not hand any luck. The mortgage on this home was only inmy ex-husbands name due to fraud on his behalf. I am on the title.I really need you help.

  • By Patricia Satcher, December 28, 2010 @ 11:35 am

    I want to know why the rouge mortgage companies and banks have not been ordered to pay the families they are responsible for putting into the streets. It is apparent the loss of so many homes were planned. The public had better get involved with some grass-root efforts because in 2011 they are going to send something down the pike that the general public will not be able to deal with, particularly the elderly.

  • By Arizona Homeowner, January 12, 2011 @ 5:23 pm

    Mark Chandler
    You and I have similar stories. I have been ill for five years and Chases actions are destroying my health as well. My whole family has been devastated by the unlawful actions of Chase.

    Possibly showing my story to your lawyer will show that what Chase is doing with regard to the signature is a standard tactic to deny loans months after the agreement has been signed.

    In a nutshell, in “reasonable reliance” on statements from a loan “agent” of Chase Home Lending, we added an assumption request to the bottom of our Home Affordable Modification Loan. The agent knew this would cause the loan to be denied. We paid on this loan for seven month before learning Chase had denied us. I believe this represents “breach of contract” on behalf of Chase. I think this might also be fraud, based on the definitions of various types of fraud at

    Below is a copy of our complaint to the office of the comptroller of currency.

    Complaint to OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER OF CURRENCY dated January 7, 2011

    In our case, I believe Chase Home Finance, LLC J.P. Morgan Chase Bank & Co. (Chase) is in ”breach of contract” on our loan modification, loan # ____.

    In March of 2009 we began the loan modification process thru Derek Robertson, president of the now defunct Platinum Legal Services in Santa Ana, California. He took our $2800 and began the process with a woman at Chase named Jasmine. We repeatedly had to resend bank statements, income statement, w-2 forms, etc. because Chase lied constantly telling us that Chase had never received the paperwork.

    In August of 2009, we were finally put on the Home Affordable Modification Trial Period Plan. Even though we were already on the trial period plan making payments, Chase continued to harass us about paperwork they had already received numerous times.

    On October 2, 2009, Chase sent us a letter via FedEx stating, YOUR MODIFICATION IS AT RISK- URGENT RESONNSE NEEDED. This was basically a request for more of the same documents that we had already sent to Chase Mortgage, but we complied by resending all of the documents requested.

    On October 9, 2009, Chase sent us another letter via FedEx stating, YOUR MODIFICATION IS AT RISK- URGENT RESONNSE NEEDED. This was the same letter with a different date. This was basically a request for more of the same documents that we had already sent to Chase Mortgage, but again we complied by resending all of the documents requested.

    Though the plan was supposed to last three months, we ended up being on the plan for eight months, in spite of numerous calls to Chase Mortgage asking why we had not yet been accepted.

    Finally, in April of 2010, we received the letter via FedEx from Chase stating, “Congratulations! You have qualified for a Home Affordable Modification. Enclosed with this letter is your final Home Affordable Modification Agreement containing your modified loan terms that are applicable for the remainder of your loan. How to complete Your Final Modification: SIGN AND RETURN THE ENCLOSED AGREEMENT BY THE DUE DATE.”

    We had questions before signing the Home Affordable Modification Agreement. I called Chase at 866-550-5705 and told them we had questions on the agreement. They transferred me to Tamaisa, who was competent and helpful. Tamaisa answered most of my questions, but then I asked her a question she was unsure of. Tamaisa transferred me to Cho, a loan officer working for Chase, an “agent” of Chase. I told Cho that I was concerned because from my reading of the Home Affordable Modification Agreement, I was afraid that the loan could become due immediately if my husband passed away. Chase “agent” Cho gave me inaccurate information. Cho told me to write at the bottom of the Home Affordable Modification Agreement that I needed to have paperwork sent to me so that I could be put on the loan. She referred to this as an assumption clause. Because Cho is a loan officer, a “reasonable” person would acknowledge her as an “agent” of Chase Mortgage. In “reasonable reliance” on the information she had given me, I acted on the information by including the clause below.

    “Note: We wish to add Rebecca _______ as a co-borrower on the account. We have requested the appropriate paperwork to add a co-borrower to this loan.” This statement was signed by both my husband and myself; however, we would NOT have added this note if we thought it might jeopardize our modification!

    In fact, Cho’s information was first inaccurate and second damaging.

    In Arizona, if my husband dies, all I have to do is continue making payments after his death and the loan would automatically become my obligation. Another option in Arizona is that I could also go pay $10 for a Quick Claim Deed which would give me the house in the event of my husband’s death.

    Cho’s information was damaging and possibly criminal because as a loan officer, she should have known that adding this note to the Home Affordable Modification Agreement would cause the underwriters to deny the loan. She knew that in “reasonable reliance”, we would follow her instructions, and that would cause the loan to be denied.

    This Home Affordable Modification Agreement was given to us in April of 2010. Our Home Affordable Modification Agreement loan documents were received by Chase one day early on April 27, 2010.

    We were never notified that this added statement caused the loan to be denied because we added this clause!

    Janis at Chase Mortgage did call on May 4th at 12:32 p.m. to inform us the loan had been denied because the Home Affordable Modification Agreement paperwork had not yet been received. Using the Federal Express tracking number, I proved that Chase had received the package one day early.

    Then on May 10, 2010, Chase sent us a letter telling us our loan was denied because Chase had not received the Home Affordable Modification Agreement. The day I received the letter, I called Chris P and again proved that Chase had received the Home Affordable Modification Agreement on May 27, 2010, one day before they were due. After some checking and endless waiting on hold, Chris P finally agreed that Chase Mortgage had received the Home Affordable Modification Agreement one day before it was due.

    Later Chase called to say our loan was denied because my husband failed to sign the documents. This is blatantly untrue. I was taking the document to the FedEx pick up at Kinko’s. My husband was running late coming home. When he arrived at the door, I literally had him sign both copies of the loan agreement, ran to the car, and then exceeded the speed limit to get to Kinko’s before the FedEx pickup. It was important to mail them a day early in case Federal Express failed to deliver the overnight package in a timely manner. Still Chase insisted that Scott had not signed the agreement. To make Chase happy, I had my husband resign the last page of both copies of the agreement and mailed them to Chase.

    Chase continued to “harass” us with inaccurate calls. We continued to receive calls from Chase telling us that we had not sent the loan agreement, or that we were behind in our payment, or that we had not finished the trial period, or had not mailed the Home Affordable Modification Agreement, etc. All of these statements were untrue. Chase was guilty of “harassment”. The harassment continued until July.

    In July 2010, I called and spoke to an “agent” of Chase. I do not recall her name, but I demanded to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor and I spoke on the phone for two hours. She went over every line of the loan agreement with me. She showed “incompetency” when she insisted there should be a signature on the line on page one of the Home Affordable Modification Agreement. She had difficulty understanding that the purpose of the line was to separate the text of the agreement from the footnotes below. After the arduous task of going thru every line of the agreement, she acknowledged that everything was correct and our Home Affordable Modification Agreement was accepted and in effect. I asked her if I would receive something in writing confirming this. She told me I already had the written agreement and that in a few months my monthly mortgage statement would show the new information. Although I believed this fell beyond the “reasonable time”, I accepted the fact that a lot of people were in trouble with their mortgages. I asked her about the phone calls and letter that we were receiving. She told me to ignore them. She said it may take a couple months before the collections people had information on the new agreement. She explained the reason it would take so long was because they were overwhelmed with requests for loan modification. Again, in “reasonable reliance” on statements from this supervisor, an “agent” of Chase, I accepted and acted on the statements as the supervisor had advised. In “reasonable reliance” on her statements and the fact that all of the harassing phone calls and letters stopped, I accepted that everything was finished, and all we had to do was make the modified payments in a timely basis, which we did.

    I spent the entire month of September taking care of my dying father, but Chase has my husband‘s cell phone number and could have called him if there had been a problem. He did not receive any calls. We spent the second week of October in Kentucky attending my father’s funeral. October and November passed. We continued making payments since everything had been finalized.

    On December 10, 2010, I called Chase to find out why our monthly mortgage statement still did not reflect the new loan and payment amount.
    I was absolutely stunned when I was told that our loan had been denied! After doing some research, I was told that the only reason our loan had been denied was because of the note I had added at the bottom of the last page of the Home Affordable Modification Agreement. I told the person that I was told to add the note by Cho, a loan officer and “agent” of Chase. His response was that that was not Chase’s fault. How is it not Chase’s fault?

    I was transferred to Michael Bann who was going to resend us paperwork and have all of this settled in about one month. In trying to be truthful, I gave Michael Bann some information that I later discovered was incorrect. My husband had been working at D_____, a 26 year old company. He now owns D_____, but the new company’s name is G_____. Because D_____ no longer existed, Michael Bann told me the underwriters would not reissue the Home Affordable Modification Agreement. He said we must pay the $45,000 we owed before we could restart the loan modification process.

    On December 13, my husband called and spoke with a different Michael at Chase. He explained that D_____ is still alive and well with government contracts going out seven years. See , “Two established industry players join forces to meet software needs of US food manufacturers.” June 8, 2009. Phoenix, Arizona — G_____ of New Zealand, and D_____, Inc of Phoenix, AZ today announced the formation of a joint venture to provide ERP solutions for the food manufacturing sector. From June 2009, the Phoenix, AZ–based joint venture will market and support the G______ and D_____ food manufacturing software products to the North American industry.
    My husband explained to Michael that he is president and 40% owner of the G_____ who now owns D______. D_____ is still very much in existence, and he can pay himself from the D_____ account instead of the G_____ account if that would be necessary. Michael still refused to resend the original package that the other guy, Michael Bann had been going to send us on December 10th.

    On December 13, 2010, at 8:50 a.m., I called Chase Mortgage Executive Offices at 1-212-270-6000 and asked to speak to Chairman and CEO James Dimon. I was not allowed to speak with James Dimon, but I did speak to a woman who identified herself as an officer of Chase Mortgage. Her name is Stacy Tyler. She told me that my case would be assigned to Colleen Nikolic at 1-614-422-1059. She told me my case was # ___________________.
    Colleen Nikolic never called, so on December 15, 2010 I called her office. She was on vacation and her voice mail referred me to Eric Ellis at 1-614-248-1478. I don’t recall if I spoke to Eric or if he was on vacation. My notes also have the name Maria. I spoke to someone who told me it did not matter who had been assigned to our case because over the next 72 hours all the analysts were going to be changed around; so someone new would have our case. I was supposed to receive a call from someone at Chase’ Home Lending Executive Offices as soon as my case had been reassigned. No one from Chase ever called.

    On December 16th, we received a letter from Chase Mortgage Collections Department, dated December 8, 2010. The letter is an Acceleration Warning/Notice of Intent to Foreclose. The letter basically says that if we don’t pay Chase Mortgage $44,696.40 plus $1,116.43, then Chase will start foreclosure proceedings.

    On December 26, 2010, we received a letter from Chase. Inside was the check for our December payment that Chase decided to return. There was also a letter that basically said they would not be accepting the $1503.37 checks that had been agreed to as part of our Home Affordable Modification Agreement. Again, I believe this represents “breach of contract” by Chase.
    Chase loan officer Cho is responsible for this loan being denied! A “reasonable” person would accept guidance from a loan officer who was an “agent” of Chase Mortgage. Since our actions were in “reasonable reliance” on information from an “agent” from Chase Mortgage, this Home Affordable Modification Agreement is legally valid! By returning our seventh payment and beginning foreclosure proceedings, I believe that Chase is most likely in “Breach of Contract”!

  • By Monique, March 30, 2011 @ 9:02 am

    I have fallen on hard times over the last few months and have been unable to make my regular monthly mortgage payments for 3 mos. I have stayed in contact with the bank JP Morgan Chase after being told there is noting they can do for us until we are three months behind in our payments they finally sent us an application for loan modification. We recieved a phone call approx. 1 month after filing from a JP Morgan Chase Representative stating our modification had been approved and we would recieve information on our new payment information by mail. We recieved the papers in the mail but the said nothing pertaining to the conversation we had on the phone, the paperwork stated “Instructions for Forbearance Plan” which threw up a red flag to my husband and myself and at that point we contacted JP Morgan Chase to clearify things and the represented said not to worry once we follow through with this Forbearance Plan the loan modification will be sent out. So hopefully everything is on the up & up with the information we have been given as we would like nothing more then to keep our home.
    Question: has anyone else had this happen? if so what was your experiance with JP Morgan Chase & the Outcome?

  • By admin, March 30, 2011 @ 9:31 am

    According to Wikipedia:

    “In the context of a mortgage process, forbearance is a special agreement between the lender and the borrower to delay a foreclosure. The literal meaning of forbearance is “holding back.”

    In a strict context, a forbearance sounds reasonable. But given all the trickery reported about Chase, I’d read the paperwork very closely and possibly have it looked at by an attorney.

  • By Nicole O, April 9, 2011 @ 8:41 pm

    HOW TO MAYBE HELP — Although I am not a lawyer, I am a homeowner who has been trying since November 2007 when Bush was still in office – to get a Loan Modification from what was then WaMu now Chase Bank.

    This is what you should do if you want to help stop your foreclosure or if you already lost your home – how to hold the banks accountable for MASS FRAUD ON THE TITLE TO YOUR HOME:

    1. Find out the law in your state regarding this: When a Lender Sells Your Mortgage to Another Lender, Do They By Law Have to PHYSICALLY Record an “Assignment of Mortgage”? IF YES – YOU MAY FIND SOMETHING TO HELP YOU PROVE FRAUD…

    2. If you have your original Deed of Trust, pull it out and look on the 1st Note. Who is the GRANTEE?

    IF MERS – Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems is the Grantee or the Beneficiary on Your Deed of Trust — FRAUD WAS COMMITTED.

    HERE IS HOW MERS DID THE FRAUD: MERS was created by the big and not-so-big banks to physically AVOID Recording Assignment(s) of Mortgage(s) when the Lender Sold Your Note to Another Lender.

    By NOT Recording the Chain of Title – the Assignment(s) of Mortgage Every Time Your Note Was Sold – with Your County Recorder’s Office, THE BANKS SAVED $$$$$ BUKOO BUCKS — THEY AVOIDED HAVING TO PAY FILING FEES EACH TIME THEY SOLD YOUR NOTE TO ANOTHER LENDER.

    (They just traded Excel Files Through Mers). (In Fact, the President of MERS recently RESIGNED … Hmmm… wonder if it has to do with the extent of the FRAUD committed ACROSS THE USA…)

    3. Whether or not you have your original documents, Go to the County Recorder’s office and find out all of the documents filed for your property. GET CERTIFIED COPIES OF ALL THE DOCUMENTS – VIP – FOR LATER USE TO PROVE THAT THE ASSIGNMENTS WERE NOT PROPERLY RECORDED IN THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY SHOULD BE – BEFORE – NOT AFTER THE RECORDING OF NOTICE OF DEFAULT (FORECLOSURE).

    Also complain to your Attorney Generals Office that the Chain of Title is Not Properly Recorded on Your Property because MERS did not record the documents with your county recorder’s office, thereby making the foreclosure sale of your home A CLOUDY TITLE.

    And — New NEWS: A lot of Title Insurance companies are backing away from Insuring Short Sales or ANY Kind of Sale – even a foreclosure – that has MERS on the Title or Paperwork.

    Educate Yourself About the Depth of the MERS FRAUD. About 60% of homes in the USA have MERS on the Title

    And People are Losing Their Homes FRAUDULENTLY.

    Also if your title papers – the Trustee’s Notice of Sale – has any WaMu Stocks or Failed Institution Trusts on it — Those were a Part of the

    LEHMAN BROTHERS WALL STREET FRAUD — AND that Fraud was committed ALSO – NOT JUST THE FRAUD OF MERS… Again — Educate Yourself — Research the Search Engines:

    Google MERS Fraud Class Action, MERS Fraud, Foreclosure MERS Fraud, etc.



    So — for all you people in NON Judicial States — RESEARCH THE FRAUD IS KEY TO WINNING….

    Ready to Fight for Your Homes? Follow the TITLE FRAUD….

  • By Nicole O, April 9, 2011 @ 8:54 pm

    RE: WaMu / Chase Bank / Bank of America Experience — Since I have been applying for a phantom loan modification since Nov. 2007 – when Bush was in Office from Chase Bank, I have 2 important parts to my story:

    1. The Very Short Version — SUE – JOIN THE MASS JOINDERS – OR JOIN THE CLASS ACTIONS NOW STARTING AGAINST BANK OF AMERICA AND CHASE BANK FOR FAILURE TO DO LOAN MODS… Research Google Engine — 2011 B of A Class Action, 2011 WaMu Class Action, B of A Fraud,, 2011 Chase Bank Fraud, 2011 Chase Bank Class Action, etc…

    2. The Long Version — The extent of the Fraud committed by both banks, Chase Bank and Bank of America in my case as a Single Mom is Horiffic, to Summarize my long ongoing ordeal with both lenders, neither of whom has been honest with me about who is really foreclosing on me and neither of whom has disclosed material facts to me about who is the MERS Investor on my home.

    Bank of America told me and the Homeowners Group helping me that they will NOT help me get a Loan Modification UNTIL Chase Bank gives me one. B of A also claimed numerous times that Chase Bank was the one foreclosing on me… (A TOTAL LIE…)

    MERS computer system has kept the Investor on my property listed as “Private – Not Wanting to Disclose” until April 5 2011 – they all of a sudden now list the Investor as… Bank of America….

    And Bank of America is on the Trustee’s Notice of Sale… So the whole time B of A has deferred me and the Homeowner’s Group to Chase Bank for this Loan Modification Wild Goose Chase… Lost papers, anyone? Phone Calls Never Received or Returned? Transferred on Average 12 Times on 1 phone call to the point of losing your voice — all this Sound Familiar?

    I did not know that B of A was foreclosing on me nor about them being the lender until a few nights ago when finally the MERS system released the info to me.

    And — the MERS system: Many people with FRAUD on their title can NOT be found in their records.

    In fact, my property address search, my name, social and property address, my name and social — all of the searches do NOT APPEAR in the MERS system…

    The only way I appear — This is WHY you need your Deed of Trust to find out the extent of the Fraud on Your Home:



  • By Nicole O, April 9, 2011 @ 9:00 pm

    And — To TOP it All Off:

    If Bank of America is Foreclosing on me and is on the Trustee’s Notice of Sale as well as being the Investor,


    This is the extent of the Fraud — that Bank of America kept telling us that Chase Bank is the one foreclosing and the one that we need to get a Loan Modification from when the entire time it was and still is BANK OF AMERICA Behind The Foreclosure !!!


  • By Gracei, April 14, 2011 @ 9:30 pm

    I would like to find out if there is mass class Actions against JP Morgan Chase. I am disabled and my loan was referred for foreclosure without me receiving any notice of default. They lied they said I received the notice of default which was sent on April 1, 2011 but I did not receive any notice of default.

  • By admin, April 14, 2011 @ 10:03 pm

    I would definitely hire an attorney to represent you as there is quite a bit that can be done, especially in light of the documentation problems Chase is having.

    Not properly informing people of events like credit limit changes, loan modification approval/disapproval, or even foreclosure is very typical for Chase.

  • By callythom, May 5, 2011 @ 1:08 pm

    I would also definitely be interested in being part of a class action lawsuit for servicing abuse. If anyone is in the Washington DC metropolitan area and would like to picket the DC Chase Homeownership Office, please let me know! We should organize!!!

  • By tamatha, May 17, 2011 @ 8:57 am

    i will be first in line! i have been attempting a modification now since oct 2009 with all the same hasles and headaches…and when i was with in 2 payments of completely catching up, they LOST $3,000 from my suspense funds!

  • By Kasey, July 21, 2011 @ 3:12 pm

    Chase has been a nightmare for us to. We are in Oklahoma. Really LONG story short, my husband lost his job and we got a few months behind on our payments. We called them every month to try and work something out. They of course suggested the loan modification. We did everything we were supposed to. Never got into the loan mod before they filed for foreclosure on us. We even sent them money and they sent it back! We were only behind aprox $1.800.00. They ended up tacking on over $2,000.00 in lawyer fees that we had to pay on top of everything! I have documentation showing that they filed the foreclosure AFTER we had made arrangement to pay back the $1,800.00. It has been so stressful and a mess. Every time we called to get info and help we didn’t get any. Every person we talked to said something different. We contacted a laywer but he said there was nothing we could do. Anyway, finally a year later we are “caught up” but I still feel like they “stole” $2,000.00 from us that we shouldn’t of had to pay in the first place because of their mistake.

  • By James, July 25, 2011 @ 8:24 pm

    I sympathize with everyone here ,looking for answers I have been dealing with Chase since 2007 when I had excellent credit and money in the bank . I needed a refinance after fixing my new home with equity loan they denied me so I could belly up with high interest loans. I’ve since tried modifying 2x on my own denied and had to hire a couple companies which took a few thousand a piece ( and after being denied a dozen times ) I now am trying again . I worked hard for this I have a seasonal job which keeps screwing things up as well and my girl with Lupus has been so sickly her crummy job actually fired her after being hospitalised (too many sick days?)and through serious mental and physical pain. and having to see me make literally thousands of calls, faxes, emails and the enormous amount of time spent on researching collaborating to try find a way to keep my home.
    These bastards have caused so many people to loose their home I swear they planned all of this long ago. forbearance ????? what a sick frigging joke. I just want to stop this ride and get the hell off! I’m going to try finding out more about this MERS thing , I’ll be in the courthouse tomorrow researching my trust deed 4 MIN # thanks for sharing this information and God Bless

  • By paf, September 21, 2011 @ 12:15 pm

    we need attorney my husband lost jobs from stroke, need some attorney to get info from chase,we send them all the document multiple time also requested copy of note/title never got respond, we do not much money, but we will attorney if reasobale charges to send letter

  • By SMB, October 31, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

    My fiance and I are going through the same problems all of you have stated. We started having trouble with our payments back in June 2011 and have been struggling. We are finally starting to get caught up, but we are still behind. Chase sent us an NOI stating that we needed to be caught up by November 2nd or they would foreclose. We made our August and September payments this month, but we don’ have the money to pay for October yet and tomorrow is November 1st. I have no idea what to do and the stress is killing me. We have spoken with Chase several times regarding our payments, to see if we can make some sort of payment arrangement, but all they say is apply for a loan modification. I live in the state of Ohio and I’m not sure what my next step would be…can anyone give me some advice?? I thought about speaking to attorney, but I’m not sure if that’s the right direction to go at this point.

  • By Andy, November 3, 2011 @ 7:51 pm

    I am having a lot of the same problems most of you are having. We fell behind 2 months as I closed a remodeling business. We were forced to file a 7 because of our losses from the business. Chase sent us an agreement for the 2 months of missed payments and then started sending back our payments. I feel like they are trying to foreclose instead of working it out. We have excellent income and the ability to pay the note which is why this is so weird. They are not returning our attorneys calls and continue to file stuff in court. I would love to sue the shit out of this company in OHIO. Any followers? These banks get bailed out and we are all left to struggle. What is wrong with this world. We have paid our mortgage on time for 6 years and have always been a good customer. Any suggestions?

  • By Robin Bradley, January 26, 2012 @ 9:12 am

    I need a book to tell you the problems I’ve had with Chase since 2001. They are short-selling my home and it has been a complete idiotic nightmare–the realtor has it listed for $125,000 I get an over-night letter today from the VP John Rieger saying he will take $59,351!!! They lose all paperwork EVER sent to them–faxed to them–emailed to them–each person gives different answers–they now have “babysitters”–guy says well I’m not the short sale specialist–call me only if you call and they don’t return your call–then I’ll email them for you—WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You get paid for that??? It has been a total nightmare–they even had the house on the sheriff sale auction for $80,000 then didnt have the auction–house has been empty since 2006!!! I wish somebody would investigate these people!!

  • By Robin Bradley, January 26, 2012 @ 9:16 am

    Sorry–I’m in OHIO

  • By Lisa griffin, January 30, 2012 @ 6:06 am

    I am a single mother of three battling with chase to get my mortgage modified thru Hamp. Chase is the investor and they say that my investor is not participating in the Hamp program. They denied me after saying that they would modify the loan. Misled me thru the whole process and have drug out the situation since the summer making me fax and refax the same paper work over and over again. Im seriously strung out by all of this and don’t know what else to do to help my situation. Please help

  • By salvatore nascarella, February 8, 2012 @ 4:51 am

    how do I join any class action lawsuit against chase? I live in florida.

  • By Dana, March 13, 2012 @ 7:53 am

    I am looking for a Lawyer who will help me fight Chase. In 2009 they sent me a bad W2 which I used to file. The entire 2009 year, my boss would purposely ill report my time. I would have $400- $500 MISSING FROM MY CHECK on a consistant bases. Please if you can help me find a class action suit I can join please let me know!

  • By Ann, April 15, 2012 @ 7:31 pm

    Is there any way groups can be formed to educate and support each other. Any suggestions on how that can be done? Perhaps to start a class action law suit against Chase.

    Also call the NY Atty General and encourage him to continue the fraud case against Chase bank…the Obama Adm is trying to persuade him otherwise being a big bank supporter

  • By Tricia McFarland, April 30, 2012 @ 9:51 am

    So many stories similar to mine. I had some problems in 2009, Wa-Mu was my mortgage company at the time. They did a loan modifications which significantly lowered my payments. During this time Chase bought out Wa-Mu. I paid the modification for a year never late. I tried to call Chase to get a permanent modification and was always given the run around. Anyway they would not work with me. The payment they offered was way to high. I have been dealing with them two years now. I have spent money on many many faxes, overnight mail ect. They always lost the stuff. I had at least 20 different resolution workers who didn’t let each other know anything. They approved a short sale but set the price so high no one was interested. They told me to move and it would sell faster,then they asked why I moved. I suggested a deed in lieu of foreclosure and they appraised the property so low they denied that. I have had at least seven foreclosure dates which they have not followed through on. There is much more to this horror story. I want to be involved in a class action or find a lawyer with enough guts to take them on. I was not behind in my payments therefore I am the victim. I lived in that house twenty years. The stress that they have put me through is unbelievable since my job is a government job. It is also embarrassing because of all the ads. People don’t know the real truth.
    Thank you

  • By Dawn Branham, June 15, 2012 @ 1:44 pm

    I have been dealing with this stupid company since September 2009. Around the end of Feb 2009 I called Chase and talked with a man named Kyle and told him I just wanted to check on our loan cause I had to catch up about 2 months worth because my husband had to change jobs. He told me that no we still owed $250 and one payment. In September 2009 is when we recieved Forclosure papers. I called and asked how they got we were $3200.00 behind in 7 months when I have that much in western Unions from that time frame.I may not be rich but I sure wouldn’t do anything that stupid to cause my family to be in the streets. They never answer me when I ask a question alls they do is try to twist it around. If I had a way of finding out how I could get in with the lawsuits I would so can you turn me the right way to go. Thanks so much..

  • By Adrienne Hathaway, June 21, 2012 @ 12:55 am

    My original loan was with WAMU. Chase bought them out when they crashed in September of 2008. We received a letter three weeks ago telling us that we never made the payments for July, August and September of 2008. I have bank statements stating that I did. I have never been behind on my Mortgage. My Battle is just begining however if anyone has any advise, I would be happy to hear it.

  • By Darlene Richardet, June 29, 2012 @ 9:05 am

    ** I think I have the Best storie of All **
    My X husband and I financed a house 16 + yrs. Ago @ 10.5% .. a year later I was awarded the house in the divorce.. At that time I contacted Chase, told them I was selling the house on contract to someone else or they could have it…The man made the payments for 12 yrs… Then stopped .. 2009.
    NOW I filed bankruptcy on that house in 2004-+.. 2008-+ my X husband filed bankruptcy and included that house,
    2009 Chase called me 4 days before it was to go to Auction and convinced me that I could have the house back..
    ** SINCE 2009 **
    I got the forebarunce
    They gave me the modification
    I have 6 different LOAN DOCUMENTS
    THEY ADDED $15,000 to the PRINCIPAL
    and Extended the Loan.
    The CONTRACT – Chase and I finally SIGNED – was not NOTORIZE ,,
    and my X husbands name is on the doc but he did not sign it (it was my prob. not his)
    **I also found a $20,000 SECOND lean ** on the house that the man I sold it to on contract left behind.. CHASE thought they would sneek that in there too. I got it removed..
    I kept Sending $$$ until 6 -+ mths ago..

    WELL they are selling it at AUCTION. july 5, 2012 and We STILL LIVE In the House
    Today 06/29/12

  • By Joseph Richard, March 17, 2014 @ 4:39 pm

    Chase put us in foreclosure for being .87 short on our tax, which was paid. They said fine print says they can now set up an escrow, which they never did, of course here comes the hammer. Got an attorney to help stave them off, so they sold the note to Seterus, and Seterus refused our first payment. They have chased us for nearly 4 years and when i finally filled bankrupcy in 2013 they still were after us, even though Chase refinanced our second home in another state. Seterus was worse than Chase, but I retained the best attorney I could find, and hopefully We can come to some settlement. I was given 100% disability from my service from years ago, and I hope the powers to be will be good to us, after we have owned this home for thirty years, and always paid taxes on time and correctly. Thanks for letting me vent on this site.

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