WaMu flubs counterfeit bill investigation

Tania writes:

“I recently heard that Wamu decided $400 of my last deposit was counterfeit. Highly unlikely considering the source, an Afex.

(prior to knowing why $400 was missing from my account, when i called i was repeatedly told it was a pending loan payment. I have no loans!)

In the end, I finally found out the issue, and contacted the branch manager who had spotted these ‘fake’ bills. I was told they had passed through the machines in the bank just fine. twice infact. but it wasn’t until they were inspected by a teller that they were deemed fake. When I questioned this, his response was simply “because they are fake”. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do to argue what he claims. He told me they were no longer on the premises, that they had been sent to Secret Services who had confirmed they were fake.

Later in the day, I notice the hold on my account is still there for $400, and $400 has also been taken. Meaning my account reads $800 less of what it did 2 days ago. Once again I call, told about the ‘loan payment’ once again, but also told there’s still a hold on my account, which, ‘”he must have forgotten to take off”.
Anyway, I chose to call the secret services. Knowing there’s no remedy if they are fake to get my money back. I at least wanted to be sure they had received the money and this story wasn’t as ridiculous as it sounded. They hadn’t. What they had received was an envelope from the branch with another customer’s money inside. Legitimate money. Which will in time be sent back to her. They were amazingly helpful though and seemed genuinely interested in getting the matter resolved. I’m not sure if anyone in a similar situation has thought to call them, but i hope they do.”

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