WaMu loans issued under false name?

Another paperwork screw up?  I found this statement here.

“Washington Mutual Bank, FA” ceased to exist by that legal name in April 2005 after merging with “Washington Mutual Bank”. The Surviving legal corporate name was “Washington Mutual Bank”.

Nevertheless, loans and deeds of trust continued to be made in that legally non existent name until 9/25/2008 when the FDIC took over.

That means that there are tens of thousands of loans made in the name of a non existent federal savings bank. The loans are objectively fraudulent.

FDIC and Chase know this and are making strenuous efforts to stifle discovery in Federal and State court.

Loans made in that name prior to April 2005 may be properly made but not after that date.

This is a fraud on the borrower and a fraud on the court.

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