Chase misses point with loan modifications

Oh Chase, how long can you hope to continue to get away with such a twisted loan modification process before Congress slams you with new regulations?

Long story short, 19 months ago I filed for a loan modification after I lost my job. Chase has lied to me, missed countless deadlines, lost fax after fax with bank account and social security numbers, not returned phone calls and their credit dept. has harrassed the living shit out of me. I have written letters to the NYS Attorney General, Comptroller of Currency, local newspaper complaining of the unethical way which Chase has conducted their business. A few weeks ago they tell me I am approved and foolishly, I get excited about what should be good news after all of this BS.
Incredibly, they make an offer to me that is $83.00 more per month than when I started this fiasco. My pay has been reduced by almost $25k and somehow Chase offers me a higher mortgage to “help me out”.
And the icing on the cake is that they gave me a “temporary” loan mod over a year ago until this was settled. The money I was saving during this period ($650/mo.) was reported as a shortfall by Chase and reported to the credit agencies as such. They single-handedly dropped my credit rating by over 150 points so it is almost impossible to explore any other options.

I guess this customer should be lucky that Chase didn’t demand all the savings during the loan modification period in a lump sum like they have done with plenty other customers and foreclose if the customer didn’t pay.

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