Chase’s flakey debit network

We received this comment from a reader:

Hey! I just stumbled on this site and it’s really great. I have been banking with Chase for over 2 years now and I was wondering if you have ever or would ever consider reporting on their regular debit card system outages. I have tried calling and sending them messages again over and over again and I get so many inconsistent responses, I almost have whiplash.

At least once every 2 weeks, between the hours of midnight and 1 am my debit card does not work–at vendors or in online transactions. I’ve been embarrassed twice now trying to buy something small at 7/11 despite having hundreds of dollars in my checking account.

I’ve heard everything from routine maintenance (how often does maintenance stop an average bank customer from using a debit card? never) to “there must be problems with the merchant’s system.” No lady, there’s not. This is too consistent of a problem for it NOT to be your freaking fault.

I don’t know if it’s a local outage or what, but I live in Naperville, IL (a suburb of Chicago). I am getting frustrated enough to try another bank, though I haven’t chosen one yet. In all respects other than this, Chase has been really good to me. But this is a deal breaker. I can’t stand them having my money without getting 24/7 access to it.

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  • By coakl, January 6, 2011 @ 11:32 am

    Even worse are the scheduled cut-off times. The biggest surprise for WaMu customers on the west coast is that Chase is an East Coast bank. The cut-off time for online banking transactions is 11 pm Eastern.

    Former WaMu customers in WA, OR, CA, NV, and AZ found out that they had to get their online banking done by 8 pm. PST or else it wouldn’t count for that day’s transactions. Under WaMu, the cut-off time was 11 p.m. Pacific.

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