Chase looking to trick customers into correcting paperwork

Here is an interesting development sent to us by a reader:

I had a mortgage with WaMu and then Chase took over and THEY SUCK!  They harass me about modification even though I’m current.  Recently they sent a letter requesting I work with some lawyer to “re-sign” missing docs from my loan.  LOL. What scam is this now?

First, why does Chase continue to offer loan modifications to people that aren’t asking for them and aren’t behind on their loans?  Are they trying to force people into getting behind, which is what a trial modification will do?  Are they trying to increase their loan modification numbers by stuffing the ranks with people they are sure won’t fail, i.e. customers that weren’t behind in the first place?  I could certainly see them offering a very slight discount on customers not likely to default just to make their permanent loan modification numbers go up.

But perhaps most interesting is their attempt to get a customer to admit that they own his loan.  I highly recommend anyone against doing this, or if you intend to, consult an attorney first.

This just adds fuel to the speculation that Chase has gotten itself into a real paperwork mess where they can’t prove they own quite a few loans and won’t be able proceed with foreclosures in states that require proof of authority.

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