Chase harassment and the personal blog

What do you do when a big company like Chase goes above and beyond all sense of civility and reasonableness when trying to deal with delinquent payments?  You march out in front of your local branch and start you own blog, like this Chase customer did to protest mistreatment, and call it Why I Hate Chase Bank.  Here is an exerpt from the blog:

When one of the Chase representatives would happen to get me at a semi-good enough time to take a call, and to patiently go through all the stupid ‘required’ verifications, name (see: please call me A.), complete address, phone, name of my employer, where the vehicle is parked at night, who the primary driver is, who is my insurance carrier, etc. etc. etc.

I at first answer all their invasive series of questions like well, most of the above but I just love (sic) the ‘what is the reason that caused you to fall behind on your payment’ question?

So, we get through all the questions, now to the ‘meat’ of the call, the money. The representative then asks: May I take your payment now? I can schedule it for as late as this Friday.

In my case, I would usually explain that I would bring in a cash payment to one of the branch locations on Monday, Tuesday whenever I next expected to be able to make said payment.

Insert unhappy representatives reply: “blah, blah, blah”

Thank you, and good-bye!

2-5 hours later, the phone calls begin.. guess who? Chase again, supposedly knowing nothing of the previous representatives earlier call and discussion, thereby proceeding to badger me through their &^%$ series of verifications, etc. etc. etc.

As I try to break in to ask the representative to “please look at their records, I already spoke with someone about my payment earlier today”, I am interrupted with SIR, we have to go through these questions before I can even access your account.

I’m now over the phone calls, no-more phone calls. My right to peaceful use is not going to be constantly interrupted by Chase and a systematic auto-dialed collection calls from hell!


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