What Chase does when a refund gets lost

In this case, NOTHING!!

I made an international transaction on my Chase credit card during my vacation on 11/26/2009 for about $619 which was subsequently refunded and I have evidence to prove that (receipt for sale being void). When the reversal of amount did not reflect on my credit card for over a month I contacted the bank (over phone) to register the dispute. When nothing happened after few months I contacted again and faxed them the evidence I had. After couple months nothing happened again (they said they never got a fax) then I initiated communication through their website and uploaded the evidence I had on their website. After which I tried communicating several times with them and every time I got response that their investigation is underway and they’ll get back to me. Today I received a call from their representative that they cannot resolve the matter because I did not register the dispute with them within stipulated time, which is incorrect. I consider this lame excuse because they were probably unable to track the error in their transaction processing system.

In summary, delay, delay, delay, deny.

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