Chase plays games with bankruptcy

From a reader:

We are looking for help with this again. We were notified buring our BK7 due to our business failing and the economy. We recieved out of the blue a notice to foreclose on our home for non payment and a hearing date set for June. We immediatly contacted chase to speak with someone about this, at first they were very nice indicating according to their records all is fine and up to date. THEN, hold on…bla bla..sorry we cant talk to you contact your attorney. We did and $1000 later and a stinging letter, and all our bank docs and cancelled checks Chase cashed.. to the attorney rep Chase they droped the case. They did not repond to her RESPA letter.. just kind of sorry and withdrew the motion. We continue to pay what is on our statement every month..period. our bankruptcy is over, then it just happened again! A notice to foreclose to due lack of payment, and we have not missed a payment.. So I am almost convinced Chase deals wiith people whom have a note discharged in a different
manner in an effort to wear them down and leave the home so they can retain there interest they lost in the BK…HELP, we cant afford $1000 every time chase make this mistake.

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  • By Gina, October 3, 2012 @ 1:07 pm

    The bank is run by criminals. Why would people in Atlanta want to take them to jail.

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