How Chase treats its employees

From a reader.

I’ve been working for JPMC for numerous years and, after every business trip I am asked take, my expense report is scrutinized by upper management with the end result being many of my LEGITIMATE expenses (according to current company policy) getting DENIED. This, in turn, results in me having to pay for the denied single-persom meals and other modest expenses out of my pay.

I checked the board of labor and similar websites, including JPMorganChase site, and they all agree that the expenses I incurred are legitimate and eligible for reimbursement. But, because a particular JPMC executive whose initials are EZ feels like it, the expenses in question are denied. While not an exec, I do hold an important position and title with the firm. Yet, after countless discussions with management above me, the spineless cowards refuse to question why EZ is denying something that ALL AGREE is counter to written expense policy. I can’t refuse to go on these trips, without putting my job at risk. And EZ knows this as well.

Clearly JPMC bullies their employees, even over trivial and modest expense reports. This place truly is getting worse with each passing year.


  • By Twice Screwed, May 26, 2013 @ 8:56 pm

    Those initials can only mean one person: Ed Zobitz who joined the firm a few short years ago and began subjecting his managed staff to this nonsense.

  • By Control Freaks, July 8, 2013 @ 5:01 pm

    JPMC recently sent internal memo to all employees stating they can no longer buy or sell stocks (jpmc stock or any other) in their own personal (non-jpmc related) portfolio except from a jpmc pre-approved list of designated brokers. Same applies to employee’s spouse, significant other or any person that employee is financially caring for.

    Also, stocks cannot be sold for 30 days after purchase, even if stock owner witnesses stock in rapid loss decline.

    Also, ALL personal stocks purchases and sales (even non-JPMC stock) must be pre-approved by JPMorgan Chase.

    All of this forces employees to move their existing portfolios to an approved trading company so that jpmc can monitor all trading activity even that of non-jpmc stocks.

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