Your safe deposit box isn’t safe at Chase

From a Nextdoor feed.

I had a safety deposit box at Chase bank on State and Victoria for more than 10 years. Last summer Chase, without notice, drilled my box, took out the contents and sent them offsite. The process to get my property returned took months. When they were eventually returned, some items were missing. I understand that, in total, Chase drilled about 1,200 safety deposit boxes. Has anyone else been affected by this?

I don’t know how it could have EVER happened. I go in there every week. They have my phone number, etc. Apparently it happened to many people. I am hoping to find someone that was also affected. It was the State and Victoria branch.

Apparently this isn’t the only shenanigan our local Chase branches have pulled.

The Chase Bank in Goleta on Calle Real south of Fairview stole my friend’s sizeable deposit in a Trust Account. They had to sue and it went all the way to the California Supreme Court. Chase Bank lost. It cost them over 4x’s the deposit they stole in punitive damages plus court costs. My friend lost over a year tied up in court, but made up for it in the end. Chase Bank = 0, Friend = ❤️. Don’t use them.

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