WaMu mortage processing woes

This story draws into question how well Chase has been able to integrate WaMu’s mortgage processing unit into their own system, despite their claim that the integration is done. Anyone out there having problems with their WaMu mortgage servicing by Chase? 🙂

WaMu’s cluelessness

I’ve been arguing for years that there were too many bone headed policies and clueless employees at WaMu, and this story clinches it: WaMu make a second mortgage to O.J. Simpson, despite a $33 million civil judgment against him, because he told them the judgment was no good because he didn’t do it.

Chase CEO possible Treasury Secretary candidate

As a non-fan of Chase, I can’t say I am much of a fan of JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, which means I am not a big fan of the recent rumors in the media that he is a possible candidate to replace Treasure Secretary Timothy Giethner. Chase customers, how would you feel having the guy ultimately responsible for all the bone-headed Chase policies being responsible for banking and foreclosure policy, among other things?

Dissecting Chase’s foreclosure statements

Chase’s statements about its foreclosure dissected.

Motion denied!

Well this is good news. Chase attempted to have the class action against it for closing HELOC accounts thrown out on the grounds that it didn’t owe any responsibility to WaMu customers. The Judge denied their motion. If you are a Chase customer, this is how the company you bank with thinks: they should be allowed to do whatever they want. (article)

Different people, different story

Another story of people unable to get a clear answer from WaMu/Chase – everyone they talk to gives them different information. (article)

Chase bites with sneaky fees

Chase is playing sneaky with fees with customers trying to refinance or applying for a loan. This story is a great example. If you were charged $750 for an aborted refinance or mortgage application, don’t stop until you get your money back.

The Chase trial modification scam

Trial modification = a way for Chase to get a little more money out of you before they deny your trial modification and foreclose. (story)

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