Chase hopes customers realize banking isn’t fun

It’s official; as of Monday morning, WaMu sign’s are gone from California. Chase hopes WaMu customers won’t have as much fun (yes, they really said that). (articlearticle)

Hidden fee

Chase surprises credit card customers with a hidden fee, get spanked by NY AG, refunds fee. (article)

California welcomes Chase

As of next Monday, all California WaMu branches will open anew as Chase branches. (article)

Changed due date

Chase moves a customers credit card due date forward without notifying him. (article)

Interest rate hikes make news

WaMu’s no-cause interest rate hikes makes the TV news. (article)

Homeownership Centers

Finally some good news: Chase opens “homeownership” centers to help people with troubled mortgages work with someone face-to-face. (article)

Memory Lane

Take a walk down WaMu bad mortgage memory lane.

Demise of WaMu

The demise of WaMu, pictorial version. (link)

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