Check due dates

WaMu mortgage holders, now is a good time to check to see if your due date has changed as your account gets moved over to the Chase systems. One blogger has their due date moved up without warning. (blog)

Debit users beware!

WaMu customers beware! Your debit card doesn’t work like you think it does. When your account has no more money, charges will still go through and you will get charged a $34 overdraft for every single transaction. They will use the slowest possible method to contact you to let you know there is a problem. WaMu calls this a courtesy and apparently you can’t turn it off. (story) Update: this article notes that most overdrafts are triggered by small-dollar debit card transactions.

Stay or go?

A blog posting titled “WaMu and Chase: Should you stay or should you go?” got quite a few comments, 95% of which said they were leaving WaMu/Chase. These are the people that liked WaMu! (blog)

Refund refused

WaMu refuses to refund Mindi what was clearly fraud from card skimming. Read this story to learn more about what to do when the bank refuses to do the right thing. (story)

More fuel for the seizure fire

Adding more fuel to the question about whether WaMu was seized improperly by the FDIC and then sold to Chase, JP Morgan Chasse may have written down WaMu assets by $29 billion too much. If it wasn’t as bad as they thought, should WaMu have been siezed, causing all this transitionary turmoil for WaMu customers? (articlearticle, and article)

Bad customer service rankings

In Forresters 2008 Customer Experience Rankings, Washington Mutual fell to 90th place out of 114. Chase didn’t fare much better at 88th place.

Mastercard to Visa

Not sure what this means for customers (change in card number?), but Chase is moving all the WaMu debit cards from Mastercard to Visa (article)

Loan modification approval

Want to see what a WaMu loan modification approval and letter looks like? You can find one here.

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