Chase auto loan shenanigans

This troubling story was submitted by a reader.  There are so many things that Chase seems to have done here that are illegal and disrespectful, where to start?

We had our Jeep Liberty Sport 2002 taken from Chase auto in 4-2009 Chase never contacts us before of after the auto was repoed I filed with the PA AG and Chase VP was interview and stated that the auto was damaged in the frame (Not True) High Miles (Not True) the reg/title was not transfered for over a year after the repo. All personal items were lost and the Tag is still missing to date and being used! Chase VP claimed via phone that it was sold for $4900 It was missing for 3 months from time of repo to auction. Chase filed SC court action this month and are demanding $9990 claiming the auto was sold for $2700 (book value $7400 Loan due $7300)The dates that appear in the docket are wrong! and it appears the Jeep was switched at auction and a damage one in its place. A auto check found the Jeep was total a year ago and if it had frame damage that is the reason for the accident that happened 2 months after purchased

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  • By BiteMeChase, December 6, 2011 @ 8:05 pm

    Well the day before the two year mark..Chase is suing for $9999.00 in small claims court..after they took our Jeep and sold it for $5000 less then book value..The Chase Auto VP should be arrested!!!

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