Don’t call Chase yet!

WaMu branches are becoming Chase branches (story) but don’t try calling Chase customer support yet. Rae recently tried that and they said they couldn’t help her yet. Reports say it won’t be until September until customers of either bank can go to any branch.

Borrowers Assistance

For those of you that have a WaMu home loan and are behind, here is their link to their borrowers assistance page.

Find a better branch

Having trouble with the people at your WaMu branch? Check the BBB to find a nearby branch with a better rating. (story)

Stolen check

Rae spent a year trying to get a refund for a stolen WaMu check with no luck. (story)

Dealing with WaMu

You ask WaMu about refinancing, you don’t like their offer so you reject it, they send you the package anyway, you tell them NO again, they slap you with a credit denial. Just another day dealing with WaMu. (article)

Site down, customer suffers

WaMu online credit card site is down for FIVE days for upgrades resulting in one customer to get late charges and a higher interest rate (he couldn’t make a payment). (article)

Close or lose

We reported last week about how Jess’s account got frozen as a result of complaining about a long check hold. WaMu forced Jess to close the account or lose the money. (story)

Internationally frozen

Dolly gets her WaMu account frozen for no good reason while out of the country (seriously WaMu, when are you going to stop doing this to people?). (story)

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