Blogger appeals to Attorney General and Senator for help again Chase

It may not work, but you must admire this blogger for trying to get help against Chase for raising his minimum required payment by contacting his states Attorney General and Senator.

Trial modifications

Chase is claiming to have approved 138,000 trial mortgage modifications since April 9th. This sounds like a lot but will someone explain to me what a trial modifications is? (article)

Least helpful bank with loan modifications

This heartbreaking story seems to confirm WaMu/Chase’s ranking as least helpful with loan modifications.

Rough transition

Apparently transitioning account from WaMu to Chase is not going smoothly. (story) Here is some of what is happening:
– Link to savings for overdraft protection disabled
– Bills set to auto-pay not going through
– Debit card stops working before new one arrives
– Deposited funds availability takes longer

More home equity lawsuits

More lawsuits have been filed against Chase for suspending HELOC (home equity) accounts. (story) This is good news as it puts pressure on Chase to start behaving reasonably.

Reign of chaos continues

Katherine’s experience tells us that chaos still reigns at WaMu/Chase. (story)

No help from WaMu or Chase

Chase has apparently transitioned all of its WA, OR, ID, and UT WaMu branches fully over to Chase branches. (article) That’s great unless you opened your account in one of those states but now live in another state, in which case a former WaMu branch can’t help you nor can a Chase branch. (blog)

ALL other banks are more helpful

An Ohio group claims that every other bank except Chase has been helping borrowers in trouble. (article)

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