Chase won’t cover fraudulent charges

WaMu/Chase refuses to cover fraudulent credit card charges, a story we have heard before. (article)

Lawsuit against Chase

Did Chase illegally freeze or reduce your home equity line? At least one person has filed a lawsuit against Chase for this.

Foreclosure information

If you have a WaMu or Chase home loan and are facing foreclosure, here is some information on finding the right people at Chase to talk to.

Regulation Z

If you have a home equity line (HELOC) with WaMu/Chase, you shoud educate yourself on Regulation Z, which limits under what circumstances they can change your terms, including your credit limit. (link)

Reminder for WaMu customers

Reminder: for former WaMu customers some or all banking functions (such as making a deposit at an ATM) are only avilable at Chase branches which were formerly WaMu branches until possibly September. (article)

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