Wrong AdSense audience

Why is Chase targeting people searching for WaMu overdraft information on Google AdSense? Seems like the least likely audience to me. (article)

$6 fee to cash a WaMu/Chase check

If you take a check you’ve received that is drawn on WaMu/Chase to a WaMu/Chase branch to cash it, and don’t have an account with them, they will charge you a $6 fee. (story)

Equity line lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against Chase for violating Federal lending laws in their use of automated and inaccurate valuation methods when they cut peoples home equity lines. The suit is seeking class action status. If you’ve had your equity line cut by Chase, you may want to try and get on board. (article)

Lost papers (x9)

In this compilation of mortgage modification nightmare stories, one writer claims WaMu/Chase lost their papers NINE TIMES! (link)

Wrong house auctioned off

Here is a case where WaMu auctioned off the wrong house by mistake. Apparently, the clerk of the court made a mistake, but shouldn’t WaMu have caught it? (story and story)

WaMu/Chase refuses mortgage payments in favor of foreclosure

Here is a story of a guy that fell one month behind on the mortgage on his apartment building in Harlem in 2008, then made every effort to make good. WaMu/Chase refused every subsequent payment he sent, and didn’t notify him that they had filed foreclosure proceedings. Why did they do this? One theory is that they wanted to foreclose because the building was worth more than the mortgage. Luckily, the judge saw through this. (story)

Good cop, bad cop

As Chase continues to set up homeownership centers to help people with troubled mortgages, they are also stepping up foreclosure activity. Which is it Chase, good guy or bad guy? (WSJ article)

Liability loopholes

Don’t count on Chases $0 Liability Fraud Coverage to actually cover any fraud with all the loopholes the’ve left themselves. (story)

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