Not high-value enough

Liz was told by a Chase bank employee that because she didn’t have a high value account, they didn’t care if she stayed with the bank or not. (link)

Issues using account in different state

One of the things WaMu has historically been particularly bad with is if you are using your account in a different state than where you opened it. This has gotten exponentially worse as Chase converts WaMu branches in different states at different times. A recent blog entry by a WaMu customer confirms this and shows many other problems from badly trained WaMu & Chase staff.

Nothing is happening with mortgage modifications

Despite J.P. Morgans claim of processing lots of mortgage modifications, from customer perspectives, it still looks like nothing is happening, as evidenced by this discussion on the loan modification forums; lost paperwork, lack of call back, delay after delay, and clueless staff.

Automatic overdraft sign-up with new accounts

This makes perfect sense: Chase is giving away $20 for people that sign up for automatic payments with their debit card. According to the Center for Responsible Lending’s Debit Card Danger document, banks steer customers to use debit cards because all new accounts are signed up for automatic overdraft protection, which leads to huge amounts of overdraft fees, primarily from debit card use. Using debit cards for automatic payments will just create more overdrafts and thus more fees.

Overdraft reversals

But then again, perhaps there is a silver lining. A blogger over at claims that if you have one of those Chase overdraft days, where you use your debit card at 5 or 6 different places and each one gets you an overdraft charge (called a rolling overdraft), Chase will often reverse all but the the first overdraft. Worth a try.

WaMu/Chase among banks dumping foreclosures

A source who regularly attends foreclosure auctions, the ones held on the courthosue steps when a property is first foreclosed upon, says that WaMu/Chase are among the banks that are dumping properties at these auctions at below market value just to get rid of them. Not very positive indicator of their desire to mitigate foreclosures.

Rate change, despite opt out

Chase is just determined to prove it can do whatever it wants. After getting a change in rate notice, this guy decided to opt out of the change and close his account. They changed the rate anyways on his balance as he paid it down.

Success reversing overdraft fees

Here is a story about a guy who got caught by Chase’s famously long deposit hold policy but managed to get all overdraft fees reversed by talking to Chase executive customer service (see phone numbers listed under our front page, other information).

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