Contest fraud

Chase has been trying to polish their battered image through their Facebook community giving campaign/contest, but it looks like there are more allegations of fraud related to the contest.

A helpful employee!

A Chase customer was having a hard time getting an answer to their question so they posted the question in an online forum. A Chase employee from a random Midwest branch answered his question online, very competently. This is a clear indication that Chase DOES have some helpful people working for them. As a customer, you are best served by finding the useful people; go to several of the branches around you to find which has the friendliest and most helpful people and develop personal relationships with them. This is one way to survive Chase.

Raising interest rates without written notice

Looks like Chase may be in hot water for raising credit card customer interest rates without written notice. This lawsuit is haunting them back from 2006. (article)

Debit card fraud protection

With all the fraud protection Chase promises on it’s debit card, one customer didn’t feel quite so protected.

Lacking basic customer service

This post from someone trying to work with Chase for a loan modification outlines what we all already know, that Chase lacks some of the most basic elements of good customer service.

Still doesn’t work

Hmm, a former WaMu customer reports that a lot of things still don’t work, like transfers between accounts (says successful but money never shows up) and email alerts that never come to indicate low funds, resulting in overdraft charges. Hmm.

Congress finally investigating

Looks like Congress is finally taking notice of the former WaMu’s holding company’s suit against the FDIC and JP Morgan Chase and is doing some investigating of its own. (another link)

Confidential information shared and then posted online

Chase shares confidential client information with other companies, accidentally posts it online, and then takes 3 months to tell people about the mistake, as reported by the LA Times.

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