anti-Chase Facebook group(s)

If you are a member of Facebook and hate Chase, consider joining one (twothreefour) of the many Chase sucks groups.

More banks, less helpful

Here is a funny blog post where someone from Sheepshead Bay NY rants about Chase opening up more and more branches and staffing each one with less and less people as customer service goes down the drain. (blog)

Strong opinions

The way Chase is treating customers sure seems generate some strong opinions. (opinionopinion)

Request for FDIC papers denied

If you are following the saga of the former WaMu holding companies bankruptcy, their request to get their hands on FDIC papers related to the seizure and sale to JP Morgan Chase (and what started a further downward spiral in bad customer service for WaMu customers) was denied by a Texas judge.

Approved. Denied. WTF?

Chase approved Carolyn’s HAMP mortgage modification on Jan 6th and then denied it on Jan 22nd saying their guidelines had changed. The problem is, the government sets the guidelines, and those haven’t changed. WTF Chase? (story)

Fraud denied

Does Chase automatically deny fraud claims when your ATM card has been compromised and your account drained? Sounds like insurance industry tactics. (story)

More fees for former WaMu customers

Bin tells us Chase started charging him fees for his former WaMu free checking account and non-Chase ATMs not cost, where WaMu never charged for them. (story)

EARLY payment penalty

Sigh. What WON’T banks do to make a sleazy buck these days. Apparently some Chase mortgages come with an EARLY payment penalty. No, that’s not a PRE-payment penalty, it is a penalty if you send in your monthly payment too early.

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