Does Chase actually protect your money

This customer’s experience along with other comments we’ve gotten seems to indicate that Chase let’s fraud go unchecked and locks down accounts due to normal activity which they call fraud.

Last June my wallet was stolen with my drivers license, chase debit card and another credit card. Police report was filed, cards and accounts closed. Six months later the thief had the nerve to walk into a Chase branch hand over my ID and debit card and the teller gave her $2K of MY money. 1) The card she had was closed and reported stolen to Chase 2) the address on the license no longer matches the address on record at chase and 3) she didn’t know my account number BUT she was able to withdraw MY funds.

I had a similar experience 10 years ago where I had a joint checking account with an ex, we closed the account and both opened individual accounts.  A few months later I noticed a large withdrawal I didn’t make. When I asked to see the slip sure enough it had my ex’s signature on it. How could a teller (this was not theft or forgery) give someone not on my account MY money?  I should have learned my lesson from that experience not to bank with Chase.
When I reported what happened with the identity theft the Chase employee seemed shocked that I didn’t want to open yet another account with them.  Sorry Chase, ATM convenience doesn’t win over security.

I’m also disgusted that Chase’s attitude was “it’s ok, we see this all the time,you’ll get your money back”.  Really? and we wonder why banks are broke – they let criminals walk out with customers money because eh, so what? FDIC insured! I’m ready to start burying my money in the backyard.  with .05% I see no difference, other than its probably safer in my mattress than with Chase bank.

Can Chase really be this bad?

I get more and more letters from people with bad, I mean really bad, Chase experiences.  Can Chase really be this inept?

Hello my name is Mitch my fiancé and I currently have a checking and a saving account at your bank which we will be closing and removing all of our funds from because of the level of unprofessionalism we have received from you establishment.
We have had our accounts frozen for what your customer service reps have told is suspicion fraud on a check, now I understand if there fraud you would take precaution, but the fact that no one contacted either me or my fiancé and you just went ahead and put our accounts on restriction is absolutely unacceptable, further more you put our savings on restriction as well. I am not being garnished so I know legally you should not be able to put my fucking checking account on restriction.  You people are absolutely ridiculous, putting us in a position where we cannot access out hard earned money to pay our bills or food or gas is ridiculous,  I spoke with one of you reps who said it was because the check was not endorsed but after going though the paper I signed when I signed up for the account, I have possession of a booklet which states that if a check is not endorsed you will still accept it and endorse so I need to know who I need to talk to or how I go about getting compensation
because we have obtained at least $100 in overdue fees one of those being a chase credit card I my fiancé’s name, all because we were unable to access our money.
I mean honestly If you suspect fraud then you contact the account holders by, phone, email, snail mail, something but you did none of that and then just froze all of my money, how is anyone suppose to feel safe banking with you guys if at any minute you can just basically freeze their funds and tell them they are basically broke. So far we have spoken with over 4 different reps and I feel like you guys are wrong and you are just trying to cover your ass.
You have no right to freeze my funds, epically my savings this is the most absurd thing I have ever seen and I going to do some more research on this because my mother in law works in an attorney’s office  and I swear if there is one bit of foul play here I will take legal action, and I guarantee you  this is going to hit more media networks and blog websites than you can imagine you can’t play with someone’s life like this.

Don’t travel with Chase

Calling your bank to pre-authorize credit cards for spending in a foreign country is pretty standard practice.  Looks like Chase isn’t quite with the program.

I have been traveling internationally for several months. Prior to my trip, I provided my banker with a list of places and dates so that I could still use my cards abroad. He said that everything would be fine.

So why were my cards promptly cancelled after my first transaction abroad, I wonder. Without contacting me, Chase issued a new card to my address in the States, and claimed that my current card was compromised (it wasn’t).

I called and got the run-around, but after spending all day on the phone, I got my card reactivated. The next day I attempted to make a transaction, and my card was swallowed by the ATM, citing that the card had been marked lost or stolen.

In order to retrieve my card from the foreign bank, I needed Chase to send a fax saying it was OK. But of course, Chase doesn’t do that sort of thing because they don’t have the right form.

So here I am right now, stranded in a foreign country, with no access to my money to pay for food, accommodation, transit or a flight home. I have been reduced to relying on the kindness of strangers in order not to starve. All because this bank is staffed with people of baffling, incredible incompetence.

An insider’s view of Chase

From a reader:

My wife currently works at Chase and not a day goes by without some new complaint.  When the incompetent manager is not kissing up to management he is deriding loyal hard working workers about how they are falling short of quotas. Several people have left due to nervous breakdowns.  The health coverage is so bad, that my wife is considering opting out. The workers have to be fashionistas, constantly told how to dress, what to wear, but not a dime extra to pay for it.  Several workers are forced to work on weekends and late into the night for fear of not making the quota and being fired. There are so many meetings that if you count up all of the hours in useless meeting, there is scarcely a full day’s worth of time in a week to get any work done.  Management does not have a clue, because instead of recruiting people with experience, they have recruited far and wide from every sector.  Ex. When the auto industry nearly collapsed, there was an influx of sales managers who took the reins
and tried turning the company into a sales organization.  (A remnant of this remains with the quota system) Now, in the name of patriotism, they are hiring returning veterans, but the real reason for the hire’s are low pay and tax credits from the government.  Hopefully the inadequate health care won’t result in someone getting hurt when an ex-marine hire has a flashback.  There is a right way and a wrong way to run a company. Hopefully a tragedy doesn’t happen before management gets a clue…

Think your money is safe with Chase? Think again.

A reader sent us this harrowing story that is full of an unbelievable amount of incompetence on Chase’s part.

I would like to tell you what is happening to us at this very moment..

In the early morning hours of September 22nd my husband and I witnessed a man trying to steal our truck. We caught him in the act, but not before he ran away with my husbands wallet. We gave chase but he evaded us. Inside the wallet was my husbands drivers license, his debit card, a credit card and his military ID witch contained his social security number. I immediately called our bank, Chase, and reported  the card stolen and had the card deactivated. I also called the credit card company and did the same. Since his social security number had now been compromised, I also placed a fraud alert with the 3 credit bureaus. Even going one step further, I placed a freeze on both our credit with all 3 as well. We also filed a police report.  I thought we were ok since I had done my part as a consumer to protect ourselves from possible harm.

The following Wednesday, September 26th, I went online and checked my bank account like I do every few days. I noticed i was several hundred dollars in the negative. I start scrolling through the charges and see numerous fraudulent purchases, as well as a $500 cash withdrawal and a deposited $400 fraudulent check from someone I had never met. Immediately I called chase to find out what happened. I was informed that the card had been re-activated on Monday the 24th. I asked how this was possible and I was told that this was done at a branch. So this criminal who stole our information walked into the bank, sat down with a manager and was handed our bank account on a silver platter. I was transferred all over the place demanding answers as to how this could be allowed to happen when I had already reported the card stolen, and a replacement was on the way. I was told I needed to go into a branch to find out. I called my husband, who left work and went to the nearest chase branch.

Turns out, the branch he went to was the very branch that gave this man our account.  After 3 hours of questioning, my husband was informed that “It didn’t look good for us because the man made ATM transactions, which would require them man to know my husbands pin number. ”

I proceeded to call the bank several times that day and was given no help. I also called the branch and asked how this was allowed to happen. The manager stumbled and stuttered and referred me back to the fraud department, who had referred me back to the branch. Several times I asked the fraud department, as well as the actual branch if a new card had been issued. I was repeatedly told NO.

My husband went back to the police station to file a report about his identity being used and was told ” Good luck, the city just fired 300 law enforcement personnel and this would very low on the priority list.”

Getting no help from the bank, and no help from the police, we started going through the charges. There was a charge for a hotel a few cities away. My husband went to that hotel and discovered that the man was still there using my husbands name. He called the police for that city, who immediately responded. When the police went to the room, they discovered a man there who had my husbands ID, credit card and debit card. Not just one debit card, but 2 debit cards in my husbands name. After going to the station to identify the man, it was discovered that this was not the man who stole the wallet. The police investigation is still ongoing so all I can say is we did find the military ID.

The next morning my husband went back to the bank with the new card number written down, along with the case number from the police. He spoke with the vice president of the branch this time, who went white upon seeing my husband and hearing the story. It was her who had sat across from the criminal and given him a new card and new pin number. Why were we told several times that no new card had been issued??

The woman called corporate and explained what had happened, telling them that we were indeed victims of fraud. They re-opened the investigation but were told that it still doesn’t look good. They’re now looking at us as if we are the criminals.

In the meantime, I am in the negative, my direct deposit paycheck is somewhere floating in space because my account is frozen. I have my car payment and mortgage due, have very little food left and am already very close to my credit card limit.  I received an email from the gas company saying that the payment I made on Friday sept 21 was returned due to my frozen account. This was not on the list of fraudulent changes, and in fact was made before the card was ever even stolen.

I am at an utter loss for words. Here are 2 working class citizens  who pay our taxes, have never been overdrawn at the bank, not a single blemish on our records yet are being treated like criminals for something that  bank is 100%  at fault for.

I did my part. And you turned around and allowed a criminal to over take my account, and now are pointing the finger at us. How can’t this happen? If this investigation does not end in our favor, I will reporting this to the OCC as well as every media outlet I can get in touch with. This is wrong,and chase needs to take responsibility for what they have done.

Chase plays games with bankruptcy

From a reader:

We are looking for help with this again. We were notified buring our BK7 due to our business failing and the economy. We recieved out of the blue a notice to foreclose on our home for non payment and a hearing date set for June. We immediatly contacted chase to speak with someone about this, at first they were very nice indicating according to their records all is fine and up to date. THEN, hold on…bla bla..sorry we cant talk to you contact your attorney. We did and $1000 later and a stinging letter, and all our bank docs and cancelled checks Chase cashed.. to the attorney rep Chase they droped the case. They did not repond to her RESPA letter.. just kind of sorry and withdrew the motion. We continue to pay what is on our statement every month..period. our bankruptcy is over, then it just happened again! A notice to foreclose to due lack of payment, and we have not missed a payment.. So I am almost convinced Chase deals wiith people whom have a note discharged in a different
manner in an effort to wear them down and leave the home so they can retain there interest they lost in the BK…HELP, we cant afford $1000 every time chase make this mistake. is DOWN!

Previous reports of Chase website outages involved people trying to log in.  Apparently this time it is their entire site!

According to

It’s not just you! looks down from here.

Website, also reports as being down

9:50 am PT: According to, the first reports of the outage came in at 9:18 am.  We got a report at 9:45 saying it had been down for an hour.

If you click back on the pages for, clearly website outages are a VERY common thing.

9:55 am PT: The site appears to be back up after an hour or so down, although still reports the site as down, so perhaps it isn’t up for everyone.

12:30 pm PT: Still reports of the site being down

5:00 pm PT: Still reports of the site being down for some people.  This has been going on the entire day now.  The mainstream news has picked this up (CNBC, Yahoo!, Chicago Tribune) and is calling the problem “intermittent”.  Some of the stories elude to a connection to threats of cyber attacks against bank websites although Chase hasn’t made any specific statements about the cause of the outage other than the following statement on their website:

Zimmerman Flew and Tyler Knew

A reader points out that it seems unlikely the London Whale losses were not previously approved by Jamie Dimon:

Anyone who works for JPMorgan Chase will promptly admit that NOTHING can occur without going through a multi-approval process or without the clear and explicit consent of LOB and upper-level management.

That said, only a fool would believe Jamie’s statement that JPMC was unaware of the actions of their financial staff who ultimately made poor choices which resulted in what initially was reported internally as a minor loss but rapidly grew to an insurmountable and embarrassing loss.

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