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Previous reports of Chase website outages involved people trying to log in.  Apparently this time it is their entire site!

According to

It’s not just you! looks down from here.

Website, also reports as being down

9:50 am PT: According to, the first reports of the outage came in at 9:18 am.  We got a report at 9:45 saying it had been down for an hour.

If you click back on the pages for, clearly website outages are a VERY common thing.

9:55 am PT: The site appears to be back up after an hour or so down, although still reports the site as down, so perhaps it isn’t up for everyone.

12:30 pm PT: Still reports of the site being down

5:00 pm PT: Still reports of the site being down for some people.  This has been going on the entire day now.  The mainstream news has picked this up (CNBC, Yahoo!, Chicago Tribune) and is calling the problem “intermittent”.  Some of the stories elude to a connection to threats of cyber attacks against bank websites although Chase hasn’t made any specific statements about the cause of the outage other than the following statement on their website:

Chase online bill-pay broken?

A customer reported that the online bill-pay feature at has not been working since the aesthetic upgrade they performed the previous weekend.

This past weekend (11-13-11) Chase implemented a new look for their online banking.  Starting on Monday morning the bill pay service has not been working.  It is now Wednesday and we have had no bill payment service for three days! briefly offline today

Not the largest of outages but we had a Chase customer report that (the entire site) was unavailable for 5-10 minutes around noon Eastern today (August 17th).

Was Chase online down for 24 hours again

We’ve gotten a few scattered reports that Chase again claimed to be offline for an “upgrade” for 24 hours or so.

More information from Computerworld:

Computerworld – Firefox users may have had trouble accessing JPMorgan Chase’s website today when the bank experienced problems with an outdated security certificate.

According to a Chase spokesman, the Firefox certificate was updated on the bank’s servers in about 45 minutes, resolving the issue.

Almost one year ago, Chase experienced a more severe outage that shut out millions of customers from its online banking site for three days.

That earlier outage stemmed from a failure related to Chase’s user authentication database.

Today’s outage involved a lapsed security certificate. Website servers present certificates to a customer’s browsers to verify identities. This certificate, which has information such as the address of the site, is verified by a third party that is trusted by a user’s computer.

A certificate that is outdated or lapsed would appear as having been revoked by the issuing server.

While short-lived, today’s outage was still a major issue, according to market research firm Celent.

“No bank wants its customers to be presented with the message, “you may be communicating with an attacker,” Celent analyst Jacob Jegher wrote in a blog.

Jegher said if the issue hadn’t been resolved quickly, Chase could have ended up paying out reimbursements to customers unable to pay bills on time.

Chase data export for business customers not working

Another day, another Chase technical problem. This one appears to be isolated to the download function for business customers (as that is the only report we have gotten) where customers can export account activity to Quickbooks or another accounting system. The downloads results in a message that no transactions are available, which is incorrect as Chase’s website clearly shows transactions that should be included.

The specific message from Quickbooks is “There are no transactions available, Please check again tomorrow”.

According to Chase customer support, this problem extends to ALL BUSINESS CUSTOMERS!

Response from Chase support: “We are researching the problem, which may take 3-5 business days”.

Nice to know Chase is able to get right on these problems and solve them. 🙁

Thanks to Chase customer Rob for reporting this to us.

Chase’s flakey debit network

We received this comment from a reader:

Hey! I just stumbled on this site and it’s really great. I have been banking with Chase for over 2 years now and I was wondering if you have ever or would ever consider reporting on their regular debit card system outages. I have tried calling and sending them messages again over and over again and I get so many inconsistent responses, I almost have whiplash.

At least once every 2 weeks, between the hours of midnight and 1 am my debit card does not work–at vendors or in online transactions. I’ve been embarrassed twice now trying to buy something small at 7/11 despite having hundreds of dollars in my checking account.

I’ve heard everything from routine maintenance (how often does maintenance stop an average bank customer from using a debit card? never) to “there must be problems with the merchant’s system.” No lady, there’s not. This is too consistent of a problem for it NOT to be your freaking fault.

I don’t know if it’s a local outage or what, but I live in Naperville, IL (a suburb of Chicago). I am getting frustrated enough to try another bank, though I haven’t chosen one yet. In all respects other than this, Chase has been really good to me. But this is a deal breaker. I can’t stand them having my money without getting 24/7 access to it.

Chase ATMs down?

Received this comment last evening:

I just spent the evening going to 3 different chase banks attempting to make a deposit.  However from about 12:30 est to now all their atms were down.  Anyone else have this problem?  same for my mother btw

Chase experienced sporadic systems outage last weekend

Chase wasn’t alone on this on as quite a few of the large banks apparently experienced a sporadic ATM and other systems outage that affected some, but perhaps not all of their customers last weekend.

There is some speculation that daylight savings time played a role in the problems but so far neither Chase or the other banks have given any information.  Once again, despite systems problems affecting customers, Chase hasn’t released any information that might help people understand what is going on.

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