Passing the buck

Passing the buck, WaMu style. (Will Chase be able to fix WaMu?) (story)

Bad loan behavior

When it came to loans, WaMu couldn’t say no. Read this excellent article about bad behavior in WaMu’s loan unit.

Small fees

Dealth by small fees. (story)

5 times a day!

WaMu calls an overdue customer 5 times per day and then lies about it. (story)

Online access to closed account

Enjoy the convenience of online account access even after they’ve closed your account for no good reason. Chase continues to slash and burn WaMu credit card accounts. (story)

Canceling all cards?

Is Chase cancelling all WaMu credit cards? (story)

Old information

Is WaMu using old customer credit information to justify charging higher rates? (story)

Even great customers get accounts closed

WaMu is slashing and burning their credit card customers – even the great ones! (story)

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