3% surcharge to convert dollars… to dollars…

Puerto Rico is a US territory and uses the US dollar as its currency. Why then does Chase charge a 3% surcharge for any credit card purchases made in Puerto Rico to convert purchases to the dollar?

Dropped on time

After making all 8 loan modification payments on time or early, one Chase mortgage customer was accidentally (according to Chase) dropped from the program and received a foreclosure letter. (story)  Does Chase really have any intention of making any of their trial modifications permanent?

Chase reps lying about their extension

Why is Chase so reluctant to allow you to contact individuals you are working with on an issue with the bank? They seem to go so far as to give you bogus extension numbers just to get you off the phone. (story)

Fee for services not provided

Chase this week settled a class action lawsuit filed against them for charging a post-closing mortgage fee for services they never provided. (story)

Chase sure makes some people mad

Apparently one Chase customer became so frustrated with the teller he was working with (my interpretation) that he picked up and threw the tellers computer at him. (story)

Beware of new overdraft fee trick

Chase found a new trick to generate overdraft fees: automatically transfer some of the funds deposited into checking into the account holders savings account. (story)

Chase says goodbye to FDIC program

Chase announced that they are dropping out of the FDIC’s Transaction Account Guarantee Program. This is different than the general FDIC protection for your bank account, but provides additional protection above and beyond the $250k limit of the general FDIC program. This is not a good thing. They are doing this to escape some of the regulations that come with participating in that program. (article)

Chase’s sales pitches

One Chase Bank visitor was impressed that Chase showed him so much attention trying to sell him their services. I see it as just more annoying sales pitches by customer service representatives that aren’t really looking out for your best interest but just trying to sell you more because their bosses tell them to.

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