30 hours

Heidi spends 30 hours trying to fix WaMu’s mistake. (story)

WaMu mailer

I was surprised to get a mailer from WaMu trolling for new customers. Seems odd when they are currently paring down customer accounts.

Transaction history no longer available

If you are a WaMu credit card customer, it looks like your transaction history (and older statements) will no longer be available after March 1 2009. (article)

Nightmare credit card error

A WaMu credit card customer has a nightmare trying to deal with a credit card error. (article)

Keep the smart ones!

WaMu is laying off the wrong people, like this smart guy who thwarted a burglary by driving off in the thieves getaway car. Just a thought, perhaps they should keep the smart ones.

True colors

Chase shows WaMu customers it’s true colors, and it isn’t pretty. (story)

88 year old almost evicted

WaMu incorrectly processes paperwork (surprised?) and almost evicts 88 year old woman. (article)

Voicemail hell

JC finds WaMu voicemail hell (story)

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