It’s about the basics

Sometimes (much of the time) Chase just can’t get the details right. Like this case where someone asked to have a debit card express overnighted to them and it was sent by regular mail instead? That’s pretty basic stuff that a bank should have down.

Another Facebook group

Another anti-Chase Facebook group. This one is called “Chase Bank Sucks Ass, WaMu was So Much Better.”  I agree with the first part but not so much the second.

Credit card fraud “solution”

Chase credit card fraud detection gone wild and things everything is fraud? Chase’s solution, call them every time you are about to use your card. Yea, that’s actually what they said.

From them to us to you

This quote speaks for itself: “Mr. Staley [JP Morgan Chase investment banking chief] noted at JP Morgan ‘s Investor Day conference that the bank would respond to any stricter regulation by passing any extra expenses on to its customers …”

Freedom card less free

Chase Freedom card customers, you now have the choice of a $30 annual fee or switching to a different card that has much less generous rewards. Have a nice day.

WaMu seizure

Here is a video from a news program that summarizes the investigations going on into the WaMu seizure. More and more people suspect that something fishy happened.

Dumping Chase, the movie

This very well made video by a Chase customer chronicles very nicely all the nit-picky little fees and inflexible circumstances that caused him to finally dump Chase.

Made to demolish

A symbol of the waste at WaMu, this WaMu branch in Texas was fully completed in a brand new building built just for WaMu but Chase decided not to open the branch and had the building demolished.

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