Getting harassed by Chase? Here’s how to stop the calls

This is certainly worth a try:

I just found this out, Chase hates it when you tape record their conversations. When you speak with them they tell you they are recording the call. If you tell them you are recording the call. They will not talk with you. I suggest we all start taping them. They hate it

When even the police think Chase sucks, they must really suck

This is just too classic.

January 10, 2011

Chase Bank

Reference Chase home LoanDear Sir

I want to start off by thanking you for sending the Police to my home. This was quite interesting to speak to them. I am very upset about my home loan can not get anyone to speak to me at Chase but your call center. I have been calling them for two years and can not talk to anyone but a call center. I have become so upset. I have sent the paper work in about 24 times and have never received an answer. The San Jose Police were very helpful. The advised me “Chase Bank is the worst bank in the world and they will take your home they help no one”. What does this say about your Bank if a Police department feels this way?

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When a borrower is delinquent, Chase calls … the parents?

Very odd.  Either Chase is ignoring the requests to stop calling for someone that doesn’t live there, or like Chase often does, different people from different departments can’t seem to get a hold of the same information.

Hi! We are receiving contant calls from Chase regarding my daughter and her husband. They married 4 years ago and have called Chase several times, but they continue to call our house…How to stop them?

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What Chase does when a refund gets lost

In this case, NOTHING!!

I made an international transaction on my Chase credit card during my vacation on 11/26/2009 for about $619 which was subsequently refunded and I have evidence to prove that (receipt for sale being void). When the reversal of amount did not reflect on my credit card for over a month I contacted the bank (over phone) to register the dispute. When nothing happened after few months I contacted again and faxed them the evidence I had. After couple months nothing happened again (they said they never got a fax) then I initiated communication through their website and uploaded the evidence I had on their website. After which I tried communicating several times with them and every time I got response that their investigation is underway and they’ll get back to me. Today I received a call from their representative that they cannot resolve the matter because I did not register the dispute with them within stipulated time, which is incorrect. I consider this lame excuse because they were probably unable to track the error in their transaction processing system.

In summary, delay, delay, delay, deny.

Chase minimum payment lawsuit granted class status

This is good news for credit card customers who were bullied into closing their accounts or accepting rate increases by Chases raising of minimum payments from 2% to 5%.  For more information on this lawsuit (and to join) go here.

Certification Granted in Chase Lawsuit
In May 2011, after extensive briefing and oral argument, the Court granted plaintiffs’ motion for class certification. This is an important ruling because it means that the case can proceed to trial as a class action, collectively representing all who fall within the class definition below:

All persons or entities in the United States who entered into a loan agreement with Chase, whereby Chase promised a fixed APR until the loan balance was paid in full, and (i) whose minimum monthly payment was increased by Chase to 5% of the outstanding balance, or (ii) who were notified of a minimum monthly payment increase by Chase and subsequently closed their account or agreed to an alternative change in terms offered by Chase.

Don’t surprise Chase with out-of-the-ordinary requests

Hold the pickles hold the lettuce special orders don’t upset us?  Yea, not so much for Chase according to this story:

I am trustee of my mom’s trust. We, my mom and I , have a joint account at Chase. It is not a trust account, per the Attorney’s advice. I was traveling (in California) and received a dividend check from a stock in the name of the Revocable Living Trust . The check is made out to me, as trustee for my mom. Chase is the only bank in the area where we have an account (all others are local, and in the trust’s name, where we live). I tried to deposit the check into the account and Chase said they couldn’t do that. I pointed out that I am the trustee, I am trying to DEPOSIT the check, not cash it, and both our names are on the account, and that their computer system has a copy of my Durable Power of Attorney for my mother. FInally, after speaking with three managers, over a period of an hour, one of them decided they could call our local branch (in Tacoma) to get their permission to accept the deposit. Huh?

Two years ago I had to get our State Attorney General’s office involved because Chase wouldn’t accept the DPOA to open a Chase CD in my mother’s name, with her funds from her Chase Bank account!

Never, ever had any trouble with any of the other financial institutions we deal with: 2 brokerages, 3 credit unions, and another bank.

Did Chase have the right to foreclose on Wamu loans while the sale was pending?

The Puget Sound Business Journal has done some great coverage of the Washington Mutual seizure and the aftermath over the last couple of years, one of which has been the digging into the long delay between the announcement of JPMorgan Chase’s purchase of WaMu’s assets and the closing of the deal.  The latest entry in this story questions whether Chase had the legal right to foreclose on WaMu loans in the period where the sale had not yet completed.

But that raised questions, such as: Who owned the assets of failed WaMu in the interim? Was JPMorgan able to foreclose on homeowners with Washington Mutual mortgages before the sale of the assets was complete? Those answers remain hazy. I put in calls to Gray at the FDIC and a Chase spokeswoman today, though neither were immediately available.

The answers to these questions could allow tens of thousands of WaMu customers whom Chase foreclosed upon in the interim to challenge the foreclosures.

Latest Chase toxic loan lawsuit

Chase is accused, in this latest lawsuit of knowingly pushing toxic loans on unsuspecting customers.  While Chase doesn’t appear to have been involved at the time these loans were issued, they are the successor to the litigation due to their acquiring of Washington Mutual and Bear Stearns, who were apparently responsible.  However, Chase CEO is accused of knowing about the fruad since 2008 but working to keep the information from the public.

Chase has set aside a $9 billion reserve for the litigation.  Ouch!

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